Lennox, the new member of the crew

"The big day"

It was friday before easter - that day Lennox became a member of our pack!

This little fellow was really upfront when we first met him at his breeders house! He was stuck with his nose to the ground - probably because he was looking for something to eat (as all the pups that day had to keep diet because of the long car drives ahead). With his "Chip implant" ready and the papers on the way we took him with us to the hotel - and the next morning we started our long trip home to Munich - the new home of Lennox!

I`m such a pretty boy ;)

"The first day in the new home"

That was no fun. Little Lennox spent the most of his life in the garden and did not know slippery floors and tiles. So for the first couple of hours he walked like on eggs in our home! But when he noticed that nobody really paid attention to his "problem" he finally decided that he could become "friends" with this slippery underground. Yes, we all are very happy with our little "firecracker"!

Exhausted, but happy!

Personality plus!

To have a Catahoula in your home, that means Training, a lot of Training and it starts the first minute you bring the little fellow home! For our little one that means a "yes" is always a "yes" and the same counts for "no". I tell you what - although he is just 8 weeks old, he is testing us every single day (besides when he is asleep). The good thing about that trait is, that he picks up things like a shot...well,that counts for the good as for the bad! Today is the third day in his new environment, and he already listens to his name! We are really impressd with him. One thing is already clear by now - if somebody wants a Catahoula to be "just a dog" without any necessary exercise for its body and brain - this person isn`t going to be happy. If a Catahoula has a leck of exercise, this dog will become our case, we dont even want to go in that direction ;) So people, better think twice, before getting such a little "vulcano" in your house.

Exercise is everything

"Catahoula Madness"

How often have I heard stories about the "Houla Madness". But like so often, you won`t believe it until you have gone through it yourself! ;) I dont know how to describe these situations properly - but I guess it`s a bit like a "Lightswitch". If you turn it on - its on in a splitsecond ...and off in a splitsecond ! Same counts for Catahoula Madness. If Lennox gets his crazy 5 minutes, nothing and nobody is secure! And it`s really true, if there is such a thing as humor in a breed of dogs - I would like to believe that the Catahoula Leopard has a great sense of humor. How exhausting this little fellow might be...there is always something to laugh when he is around! We love him to bits!!

I wanna be a big boy

"Adventures in the wood, or the mad Dachshund"

Lennox loves the woods - no wonder why - so much intersting smells in his nose, jogging people, bikes and of course other dogs! From a german shepard, Rotti and Husky - Lennox met them all. And everytime he met a dog he got more and more cheeky. Watching him made us chuckle, well aware of the fact that this lifestyle could not continue forever :) Today was the day - he met a german dachshund lady - who wasn`t that keen on him and his cheekness - he well learned a lesson today "if you get to cheeky, you will get yourself into trouble". Lennox took the little beat up quite well - now the serious life has begun ;)

At the moment, I have the right attitude

"Attitude - Houlatude"

If something became clear to me after a couple of days with "Catahoula in the house" it's that our Houla can`t take frustration very well - indeed he can`t take it at all! Whenever something happens that does not suit him, he turns into a little "tasmanian devil" ;). He can produce sounds that remember me of a Tiger rather than a cute little 8 week old puppy! If a Catahoula has to learn one thing - than it`s to take frustration.... There is an enlish saying: "Hey, you have to change your attitude" ... but how to tell your dog? The good thing is, as long as you keep yourself together and stay persistant ... the outcome is right - and so far we still ARE persistant :)

I look so innocent- but I am not!

"Mickey Blue Eyes"

"Oh these eyes - these wonderful blue eyes!" This is probably the most heard sentence we came across the last couple of days, when we have been out and about with the little one. Just now, I realise how appealing blue eyes to most people are and why a lot of Catahoula Breeders always tell people "Don`t get yourself a Catahoula because of their eye colour"! Personally neither myself or anybody else in the family was very keen on dogs with blue eyes or blue coloured was Lennox personality and the recommendation of his breeder which had big influence on the "buying decision". With other words - I could not agree more with all the breeders that share this point of view! The Outside is much less importat than what lies beneath! Even a "Mickey Blue Eyes", how pretty he or she might be, can turn into a nightmare, if someone bought this kind of dog for the wrong reason!

So little - and so stubborn !

"You gotta love those heels"

The time has come - little Lennox feels comfortable in his new home! Now, he has enough time and energy to develop silly thoughts in his cute little head :). Every day he proves us that he descended from a long bloodline of working dogs. If he starts going - nothing and nobody can stop him that quick. When the decision is made to "keep his herd" together ... only a lot of calm consequence stops his "hissy fit". Beside the fact that it`s quite a painful experience to get "puppy teeth" bites in your heels once in a while - we really are surprised (not the end its a houla) with Lennox, such a little dog and already that stubborn!

Always a nice smell to find!

"Big Bro Indigo ;)"

Yesterday was the day! We met Anke and Indigo (and not to forget Hindemit, a little Terrier mix). Indigo and Lennox are both sired by Crawdad`s Toledo - who was once picked out for a Breeder in CZ by Mary Langevin. Toledo is an awesome Catahoula and so is Indigo! It was about time to meet the older "halfbrother" :). On our walk through the "Brucker woods" all got along great, and we had a lot of fun. Indigo for sure is - a rolemodel regarding his obedience. Lennox of course was very found of Hindemit, as his size at the moment fits him more for the "ideal" play-partner. We definately will meet up again, and use Indigos good upbringing qualities for our little one! It was a great afternoon - not only for our dogs. Thanks so much Anke,Sylvia, Indigo and Hindemit!

Up to no good :)

"The Bluff Package"

"My humans say I am a bluff package - and I really have no clue why that is!" That`s how I would interpret Lennox look, whenever he has this "even butter wouldn't melt in my mouth" attitude. When that happens? Often! Especially when his humans are busy telling him off in front of other people...even worse, in front of retired people :) Every time that happens, Lennox is the perfect actor - if he would be a human I would tell him to stop "talking back". In his case that means that every telling-off is receipted by grumbling or worse. Not the the passerby`s watching this scenario would get the idea that this telling-off is necessary - because this lovely cute cuddly 14 pound package won`t stay that light, and it might not be funny to be chased around by a 60 pound catahoula who is grumbling away while doing this - NO - the opposite is the case. Every time we have to tell Lennox off for something, we got to be told of by some passerby for telling him off. At least that should be a satisfaction for the little one and for us that means - to hang in there :)!

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