What are you looking at? ;o)

"What are you looking at?!"

"What else could a look like this mean?" Sometimes Lennox looks as the pure innocence - but he is not! The diverse "variants of looks" of our Catahoula are really comical ;o)! Lennox could have been a very talented actor. Not one day is passing by, without our little "poser" making us laugh a lot ;o)! Lennox just is an absolute Clown...

Diggin`deep ;o)

"Diggin`deep ;o)"

I really don`t want to repeat myself - but - Lennox really has the personality of a Périgord truffle pig ;o)! Whatever could be of any interest for a dog, Lennox will find it! He always has his nose up in the air or down on the ground...."einfach "so" spazieren zu gehen"just" going for a walk" just does not do the job for our little boy, to him that would be a waste of time. That should convince everyone - a Catahoula is a real hunting breed!

Most important - I am happy!

"Main thing - Happiness!"

"Well, that`s one happy dog! This is how Lennox looks after two hours of fun playtime in the english garden with Hugo , a raw meat breakfast, a big bone and a few cuddles ;o)! After such a lot of good stuff even HIS day of work can begin...! And all his colleagues are looking at him wondering and being a little bit envious of him and his lifestyle - such a dog`s life - sometimes all of us would like to be a dog too! ;o)"

One of my friends - the whippet Happy

"Happy with Happy ;o)"

"This is my friend Happy - we got to know each other at the Puppyplay! I have to admit, it wasn`t love at first sight. I was very little and Happy was a bit rough in her play. But since I have grown a little (in the meanwhile I am taller than Happy), and I can bring some more "weight" into our play, it`s just awesome to spend time with her! That shows once again, sometimes you have to give things just a little bit of time - and some problems will be solved ;o)!"

I am one strong-headed dog ;o)


"Lennox - No! Lennox - Here! Lennox - Leave it! ... I hear these kind of sentences a couple of times during a day! Well, why don`t my owners just understand that they annoy me with that? Sometimes our opinions about "Fun" really differ a lot ;o)! But don`t you worry, I don`t give in easily, I am a real hard-headed little dog ;o)! At least regarding this point, my owners and I totally agree ;o)!"

I love good company ;o)

"Social being - Dog"

In our neighborhood there are dogs that would like to play - but can you imagine - they are not allowed to!? Whenever you ask their owners why their dogs are under "social house arrest", the answers diversify from "he should not become dirty", to "he is to old to play (strange the dog does not know that)", up to "he should not become attached to other dogs". Oh my, there are really still people around that do not understand that there is no substitute for the social interaction with other dogs for any dog. What a dog`s life!

Sometimes I am just a dreamer  ;)

"Bon vivant ;o)"

Lennox really is a Bon vivant - to 100%! This dog really knows how to enjoy life ;o)! It does not matter if its about his favourite sleeping place, cuddles or food ;o). At the moment, Lennox is the Nr.1 in our life. He really keeps us busy! One puppyplay after another, Dog Dates instead of lunchtime, and even if it`s raining we spend hours at the Isar River. But hey, why not if it keeps your dog happy, healthy, sound and (most important) entertained ;o).

Nothing better, than chilling with friends!


Fun, fun, more fun and some chillin` - that could be Lennox philosophy of life ;o)! It does not matter how busy he is, there is always time for some chilling. If he does fancy a little break, he will just do it...even if his sudden break will lead to his fellow dogs falling all over him, because they are so surprised ;o)! But no break will last longer than one minute, because one thing is for sure, Lennox won`t miss out on anything that looks like fun ;o)!

I am not broken ;o)

"I am not broken! ;o)"

Oh my - this dog really can twist himself! Just looking at him makes my bones hurt! But Lennox does not care. Instead he was looking at me like: "Hey, I am not broken - so don`t try to fix me!" Well, alright than, any being alive that can sleep for hours in such a position without screaming of pain when waking up, must be in a good shape healthwise! So Lennox human beings wont worry anymore and let him do what he would like to, he will know what he can cope with ;o)!

Who said, it`s to cold for a swim? ;o)!

"Common loon! ;o)"

Lennox might be a hidden icebear ;o)! He really never was a sun-worshiper alright - but that he fancy`s a bath in a freezing cold mountain river while it`s just 14 degrees outside - who would have thought that! While other owners put their dog on a leach because they are afraid that they get a cold, Lennox is free to enjoy the cold water and a good swim ;o). He just is a real dog ;o)!

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