"Having a break!"

Occasionally, the guys need a break. At a regular working day that starts in the morning at six o`clock and ends in the evening mostly not before eight o`clock, even a Catahoula is eventually tired. That's why it's good that me and the dogs every now and then insert a little break into our daily routine in order to recharge the batteries. And sometimes on this occasions we happen to find some new quite spots - awesome life! ;)

Bullying around ;)

"Friendly Fire ;)"

"A real fight" - it sounded from all corners. Well, even if it happens, that the guys have a "closer" discussion, it belongs to their daily life. Whether it's about resources such as food, their own people or another dog, or just about their own presentation, there is always a good reason for boys to behave like boys ;). Just good to know that those two dogs can really well judge other dogs characters, based on their daily routine to walk in a social group of dogs which changes every day, so they have to adjust theirselves. Lets say they go to work or school every single day - and especially their communication skills are extraordinary.

Whaaaats up!

"Whaaaats up!"

You can say whatever you want, Catahoulas have very special facial expressions, not all but some of them. And they are such clowns,hard to believe what kind of mischievous ideas this dogs can have ;). Sometimes its really hard to stay serious and not to burst into loud laughter!

Mr Greeneye

"Mr Greeneye ;)"

"Little Mr. Hancock is not so little anymore" - now the young man has become so incredibly large, and he is still growing. Lennox now looks almost delicate against the little red monster. None of us would have ever thought that we would ever happen to call the big greyish one - "small";). What ever happened to that little red "sausage"- its just insane. Let's see what awaits us with him!

Mr Blueeye

"Mr Blueeye"

The Lennowitz;) ... he's just an absolutely great dog. Thus, a balanced and a great character! Hancock was really lucky that he has such a "big" rolemodel, who he can rely on (besides us), and who leads the direction in this small social group, as well as keeping an eye on Mr Hancock and keep him grounded ;). Even in daily work with groups of dogs Lennox is just pure gold. I'm really glad we have him!

Hancock on the road

"Hancock on the road ;)"

Young-Mr-Hancock on tour! This time we went to Hamburg, and that completly alone without the big greyish one in the luggage. Everything is exciting and so much new ...! 4 days of training, afterwards human and dog were sooo exhausted, and glad to drive towards home again. BUT we are looking forward to the next time - Hamburg we come back! ;)

Hancock at the sea

"Hancock at the sea"

Mr Hancock is a worldtraveller ;). This time, all alone at the sea! It was such a great time at the Northshore, even though Lennox stayed back home in Bavaria that day. For both it is sometimes quite great to have a bit of "exclusive" time with their people. If it then on top is in such an exclusive place, the better it is! ;)

Out and About

Friends ;)

This is what a day "work" can look like for the guys - they go out with friends! Every day, the two have to run in groups of up to five foreign dogs. They need to adjust themselves each day, and to share their resources, such as their home, their office, their car or their people. Deal with other dogs, clarify the structure of the group and again "talk" all of the time to the other dogs. No wonder that the two are really really tired in the evenings. Also it may not look like a working dogs life, its actually hard work. ;)


Blubb ;)

Tell me some Catahoulas have a problem with water. Hancock does not! Even in a deep puddle of mud the young man can have plenty and plenty of fun. He will dug, and dug mainly dabbled in the mud. Bred for the hunt of wild hogs - himself may be a little "boar" as well. Its just nice to watch him doing his thing! ;)

The Boyz

The Boyz!

That are my boys! Each of them one unique character, a task for its own, and above all a real challenge! But also a lots and lots of fun ... if you see how well the two understand each other its simply a pleasure to watch them ... every single day! It must be the greatest pleasure for a dog to live with another dog as a social partner. People as social partners are simply not a suitable replacement! ;) Guys you rock!

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