Boygroup ;)

"Boygroup ;)"

This is it! Lennox "quiet" life has come to an end ;). As for now we are on tour with a pack of dogs every day. At Times there are three, sometimes five dogs to walk with. Lennox has days where he gets lucky, and goes for a walk with his personal harem in tow, at some other days, he is not so lucky and there are only "boys" - which in itself have to be called "men", unneutered male dogs are nowhere in our pack. Mixed pack walks are also on Lennox schedule sometimes. They will play, will go jointly on a mousehunt and sometimes there will be fights too. Depending on their mood, or even their dayform. What can I say, so much "inter-dog communication" seems to be real tough for our Leopard, and sometimes Lennox gives me a look as if to say: "Hey, come on, we dont need those other fellows yet to be happy, can`t we give them back ??!",. "no, my dear! - can, we probably could, but want we dont, by now - everything is for your own good ;)". Such "conversations" are regularly acknowledged with a sigh by Lennox side, as if he was carrying the burden of the entire world on his shoulders, ...but after a while his rod will be rolled up again and we continue walking - in the dog pack! ;)

Our new fav walking spot

"Morning Walk"

"The early bird catches the worm" nothing could describe a day like today, better than this phrase! Blue sky and sunshine, open fields and meadows, the dogs and me, and nobody else on the road! This was one perfect walk! I really did not feel like stop walking today ;). Unfortunately, everything good has also come to an end - and so it went! After three hours we had to go back to the car and slowly but really slowly drive back to Munich and into the office! What a life;).

A life of a big cities dog ;)!

"A dogs life in the big city ;)!"

Do you think that life in a big city is nothing for a dog? ;) Well you are in for a surprise, in Munich life for a dog is amazing! We have the english Garden, the Isar river, and several huge parks where dogs are allowed to roam is not for nothing that Munich is stated to be the most dog friendly city in germany. So Lennox and myself are happy we can live such a life! Munich is called the big city with heart, so we just blend in fine! ;)

Out in the fields

"I am a field-rabbit :)"

As much as we like the life in the city, we love to be outdoors in the woods! Lennox just does not love anything more than fields and woods as far as you can see ;). There, our young catahoula boy can run and roam as much as he feels like. Sniffin` and diggin` ..everything his heart is asking for. There is no bigger joy for me to watch him doing his thing and see how much he enjoys it! Our houla does not need any toys..he is just a real dog, and is living a real dogs life!

Lennox and friends

"Lennox & friends"

For those who think Lennox would be a great Egoist. Well not always! Sometimes our boy feels like sharing...and in very special moments he will even share is food ;). As you can see our boy is used to four-legged visitors in the house, and he has absolutely no problem with sharing one of his favourite spots with some strangers. He is just such a character, and knows what I expect from him - sometimes. ;)

True love

"Wahre Liebe ;)"

Arrancia and Lennox. This is one big love. You could just think "hunting dogs under themselves"...but be aware, Arrancia is such a picky gyp when it comes to the male of her heart, and our Prince Charming took her heart in a split second! They will play and hunt and cuddle together as much as they can. Never mind if we are in the office, at home or out in the woods. Its pure joy watching them flirt! For all of you who dont think dogs have emotions..just look at the picture ;)

Working style

"Arbeitstier ;)"

A Catahoula cant retrieve? Oh he can, and how he can! Not that Lennox would be the same than a retriever, but he is doing a good job, and it brings some different excitement in our daily routine. Lennox is a pure package of power, strong and a mountain of muscles...its nearly impossible to get him tired just by running with him. He needs stuff that will exhaust his brain... Nosework, Mantrailing or Retrieving. He is happy about it, and so are we ;)!

Nosework ;o)

"Nasenarbeit ;)"

If there is one big talent to Lennox, its his nose! It does not matter if its for Mantrailing, trailing or retrieving ....Lennox is up and running as soon as he knows we are about to work! And as much more we work together, as stronger the bond between us becomes. Working with your dog is not just fun, its also a great great bonding tool! ;)


"Packdog ;)"

If there is something which means really a lot to Lennox, than it is the company of other dogs. It does not matter if they are males or females, intact or not, Lennox just loves to be part of a pack. He really enjoys the interaction with other dogs so much, its real fun to watch him. I dont want to imagine what it means to a dog if you dont let it have this so important social interaction. A dog needs other dogs to be happy - a human being cant ever replace this social packlife!

Catahoula & friend

"Catahoula & friend"

Who would have ever thought that...Freddy and Lennox peacefully next to each other! A few month ago, this would have seemed inseane ;)! Freddy could not stand Lennox, and also Lennox sympathy towards Freddy was really very little! But we made it. In even not about 6 weeks they have grown into a real team! That is great for the dogs, and even better for us humans! You two just rock!!

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