Puppies from chummy breeders.

All over the world :)

Now and than its the case that not all puppies in a litter are spoken for. In this case chummy breeders ask me to give those little one`s a platform on my website to find them a good new home with people that have some expirience with strong-headed dogs.

A Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog is NOT a dog for a beginner! Don`t fool yourself by just falling for their look. These dogs need plenty of exercise, attention and after all affectionate consequence.

Update: Lennox is going to be a DAD! Three litters are planned in 2013/2014. Lennox is the first EU bred male Catahoula that will be used as a Stud dog, to breed with Gyps in the USA.

If you are interested in one of the pups please contact the breeder directly or if their are any "languageproblems" (English or Czech) feel free to contact me.

We expect puppies spring 2016! Stay tuned!

Phoenix Rising Catahoulas

Wrong side ;)

"Happy Puppies"

We love each other!

"Two Beauty`s"

Early practice

"Early practice"

Who needs adults?

"Who needs adults?"

The youngsters all together!

"The youngsters all together!"

Raw feeding

"Raw feeding"

Little girl, big bone!

"Little girl, big bone!"

Mine or yours?

"Mine or yours?"