Kennel Šumící křídla

Based near Opava / CZ

In 1998 Gerhard was the first who imported, two Catahoula Leopard Dogs to Central Europe.

So far not only their dogs, but also their offsprings can be met at various exhibitions.

In my opinion they were successful in breeding a whole line of wonderful animals and I believe they have every reason to be proud of their achievements.

Constantly rising interest in this breed proves their results during the recent years.

Gerhard belongs to the people who firmly believes in a Catahoula as a working dog. All his dogs get regular exercise and he does his best to work his dogs regarding to the conditions in his country, which are slightly different to those overseas.

He recommends dog tracking, scooters, cross country skiing, sled-driving, agility and other similar sports activities to everyone interested. For sure it won`t do any harm to your Catahoula!

It`s no easy task to find a breeder which you are comfortable with, and for sure I won`t give any advice,besides one: "Gather as much information as you can, think twice about the responsibility to get such a high level energetic dog, and if you are sure about everything trust your own feeling when it comes to a breeder".

Gerhard and I will always keep in touch, and his knowledge is always a valid "input" for me and my dogs!

Šumící křídla Catahoulas