Lennox relations

Here and There ;)

1, 2, 3, 4, 5! little Catahoulas came into this world at the 10th of febuary 2010 in CZ. Lena, Laura, Laila, Lexus and Lennox Sumici Kridla! The two boys did have quite a hard time with their three sisters - the girls got them going and clearly had the pants on. It was really clear from the start, the boys didn`t have anything to say!

Lennox mother Hollandia had only two litters so far, if you look at the boys and girls out of her first litter, which are just over 3 years of age now - you can clearly see, there is still something coming ;o)! Being full sisters and brothers to Lennox & Co they are massive!

Hollandia and Toledo are great dogs. Hollandia is under the first three dogs in Europe when it comes to Coursing, and Toledo also brings great hunting abilities and lots of character into this breeding.

Getting the first couple of performance tests with Lennox siblings and himself over and done with - you can see, this breeding worked! Although not all Catahoulas out of Lennox family are used as working dogs, some are also "just" great family members and good companions for their owners.

2011 we have quite a busy shedule, shows, working and hunting tests. However, we really hope to see Lennox siblings and their families at one or another occasion during this year and we are looking forward to it for sure! Would be great to keep in touch and see how all of them grow up and develop. Wouldn`t it be nice if all family gatherings would be as easy going as those ;o)!

If you would like to know more about Lennox siblings, just take a look at their homepages! You`ll find the links below ;o).

Kara (Laura) Sumici Kridla

Lexus Sumici Kridla





Lena and Snimek

"Lena & Jarret"


"Small Lexus"

Big Kara

"Grown Kara"

Grown Lexus

"Grown Lexus"

Babygirl Kara

"Babygirl Kara"


"Big Bro` Jarret"

Pretty Lexus

"Pretty Lexus"

Snimek looking serious

"Serious Jarret"

Tiny Kara

"Tiny Kara"