Puppy Times

more about me and soon also of other little happy chappy`s ;)

I was 8 weeks old when I met my new owners - they came a long way to collect me (wild times lie ahead, I tell you). Looking back to the day I first met them I remember me jumping all over the place, it was an overwhelming welcome ... but suddenly I did remember that I did not want to be too I turned around and went for a walk through the garden with my brother Lexus - also my mum Hollandia was with us ;)

Afterwards the "humans" had a couple of things to speak about - and they took me with them into the house. I tell you what, we grew up in the garden shed and I wasnt used to this slippery kitchen floor! I did not look like a Catahoula at all when I was stuck to the tiles and did refuse to move ;) But my new owners did not pay any attention, and I had no choice than getting the grip again and moving towards the feet of my new two legged friends! When I arrived there I finally felt some security again! My breeder really was surprised when he noticed where I was, and he stated immidiately, "that`s the first little fellow that stucks to his new people, all the others did not leave my side until the very last minute .... all the humans were soooo happy, and I did not understand why.

One hour later it was time for the final Goodbye - they took me into the car and we went away towards Munich - my new HOME ;)

In the meanwhile I am 14 weeks old and my owners say about me, "he is growing like weed"! Well, early practice you know! Because when I am grown up, I wanna be "a chunky monkey" ;o). Take a look yourself, I nearly look like a dog already!

Lennox and Hugo

"Lennox and Hugo"

Lennox,Hugo and Franzi - the whole Kindergarden Crew

"Lennox & Hugo & Franzi - the whole Crew"

Lennox 4 weeks old

"Lennox 4 weeks old"

Rumble in the (Munich) jungle ;)

"Rumble in the (Munich) jungle ;)"

I am sooo tired!

"Tired boy!"

Having fun

"Having fun"

I can find shadow everywhere!

"I love shadow ;o)"

New borns

"New borns"

Mickey Blue eyes

"Mickey Blue eyes"

Just playing well-mannered for a sec

"Just playing good boy for a sec"

Here I come!

"Here I come!"

Flying ears!

"Flying ears!"

Should I go or should I stay now?

"Should I go?"

I am going for sure!

"I am going!"

Ain`t I look cute?

"Ain`t I look cute?"

Got ya!

"Got ya!"

Pretty boy

"Pretty boy"

Becoming a dog!

"Becoming a dog!"

Good Team

"Good Team"

Me and my stick!

"Me and my stick!"

Learning a Lesson!

"Learning a lesson!"

Got it now!

"Got it now!"