Puppy Times

about me and my big grey brother ;)

"Hey! That`s me, Hancock and I am the new guy in the house! I was 8 weeks old when I met my new owners, and my big brother Lennox (honestly I believe they had no idea anymore how it was to have a puppy in the house). I can remember the moment when I met my new human pretty well - it was downstairs in the puppy room of my breeder Mary Langevin. Sadly we could not meet in the garden the first time, as it was raining like hell. After a big hello, from the whole Langevin puppy crew, I did remember all of a sudden that I had so much better things to do then just saying hello and stick around to make them happy ;)! Because I always do a little bit of my own thing! So accompanied by my brother Cajun and my mother Turtle we took off to have a good look around the house and leave the humans behind...never mind what they were thinking about it - we did not care! :)

I was really lucky that my new human did not just pick me up like a Take away Burger, instead she did stay for about a week at my breeders house and gave me plenty of opportunity to get to know her before we went on our 10 hour journey back to my new home in Munich. ;). And this bonding phase really payed off well during the flight, because as all of you should know, I can turn into a realy Squeeky when I feel the need to be one (and I did on the trip to the Airport) ;)!

We had a great time over these five days, plenty of fun with my siblings and my breeder, and I really got attached to my new owner.

After these 5 days we packed our things and started our journey towards Munich. At the Airport of Toronto I got one last big cuddle from my breeder and she wished us farewell - and not even one day later we did touch down in Munich and I got to meed me new big brother Lennox, who really was extacticly excited about the new member of the family - ME ;). Which of course was a bit overwhelming at the first moment. But just a few days later, I really love the big grey one...probably the same then my new owner. I really got attached to both of them. My new life is about to start now... so stay tuned!"

"My human really would like to thank Sabine Nagel, the owner of Blende68, thanks for all of the beautiful pictures you took" You are the best and we are really looking forward to the next shoot with you!"

Cats Cradle Hancock

"Cats Cradle Hancock"

9 weeks old

"9 weeks old"

Hancock - Alert

"Hancock - Alert!"

Addition to the family


Whats up?

"Whats up?"


"Blink ;)"

Pretty Boy

"Pretty boy"

I am the man!

"I am the man!"



Tired puppy

"Tired puppy!"

Mr Hancock

"Mr Hancock"