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"Unique combination of Dogtraining, Dogsitting and Dogwalking"

The team of OUTDOORDOGS started off in April 2012, they claim to offer Munich dog owners expert advice, quality service and quality products in a hand. For this set the company director Tina Pecek offers a unique combination of certified dog training and loving day and holiday care. Located in Rosenheim, Salzburg and Munich we are the partner for you and your dog.

The team of OUTDOORDOGS places great emphasis on a welfare approach to dogs, and high technical expertise - both in training and support services.

OUTDOORDOGS Dogtraining – Professional and Individual

Headtrainer Tina Pecek is a dog trainer and student of Dogument. The OUTDOORDOGS training is characterized by a natural and welfare approach and handling towards the dogs - relaxed and sympathetic, but with clear boundaries. Problems and unwanted behaviors such as anxiety, aggression and hunting issues are resolved with a systematic and precise professional approach to individual training. For this is an individual training plan that is tailored to individual needs created for each human-dog team. In addition, OUTDOORDOGS offers group courses for dog training or dog entertainment in cooperation with Dertinger. These include courses for puppy`s, young dogs and adult groups and mantrailing, clicker training and dog walks.

OUTDOORDOGS Daycare and Dogwalking – Responsible and Loving

Dog care is a matter of trust. For most dog owners it is not easy to give their four legged friends in the hands of a stranger - whether it is for a day or for several weeks. OUTDOORDOGS offers a qualified dog care that addresses the needs of individual dogs. Quite simply, the dogs will be picked up at your house or office. With the arrival of the maximum of five guests we go for long walk in the green areas to be explored in and around Munich. After a long lunch break, many cuddles and a snack lunch will follow and in the late afternoon a small tour. Goal of OUTDOORDOGS is it, to feel good about the dogs and the owners and make them leave the Daycare with the good feeling that their favorite friend is in the best hands there can possibly be.

OUTDOORDOGS Dogtraining - Dogsitting & Dogwalking

Tina Pecek & Hancock

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"Whaats up?"



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"Let`s play"

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