Lennox second litter!

10 pups all in total, Lennox is a very proud father, Hancock & Spitfire are quite a happy uncle & auntie too! ;)

Seven females and three males were born in this litter, 4 solids and 7 patchworks. Three of the boys, are quite looking alike ;) Nearly all colours are represented in this litter, Chocolate Brown, black, black and tan and even blue and red patchworks with not much white on their bodies. We are really thrilled.

All of the little ones are really healthy and happy creatures and are going to start their new lifes in their new families in a few weeks. We are so happy that five of the little ones will find a new home with friends and colleagues of us, not even 300km away from us. Familygatherings will be on top of the list from now on, we are really excited to see all of them grow up.

It will be a great pleasure to see all of them grow into adults and we are very glad that their dad really let an imprint on this litter, bodywise and hopefully also personalitywise.

Over all a very good second litter and we are really happy about it! The next litter is planned for 2016 and we are already excited to see the outcome of the next "box of surprises".

We hope that all of the little ones will have very happy and long lifes in their new homes with their new families! Exactly as happy as Lennox,Hancocks & Spitfire lifes with us! ;)

Phoenix Rising Catahoulas

Alpines Rose

"Alpine`s Rose"

Brother and Sister

"Bro & Sis"

Alpines Orris

"Alpines Orris"

Alpines Elder

"Alpines Elder"



Ivy and Daisy

"Ivy & Daisy"

Alpines Ivy

"Alpines Ivy"

Alpines Hazel

"Alpines Hazel"

Alpines Daisy

"Alpines Daisy"

Alpines Pansy

"Alpines Pansy"

Alpines Rose

"Alpines Rose"

Alpines Willow

"Alpines Willow"