Lennox Šumící křídla, Cats Cradle Hancock & Cats Cradle Spitfire

That`s me! Lennox Šumící křídla, ...born on the 10th February 2010.

And me! Cats Cradle Hancock, ...born on the 06th September 2011

And me! Cats Cradle Spitfire, ...born on the 20th July 2014.

I try to become a fantastic companion and family dog; and to rock my new owners house with my Catahoula energy and temperament! Although I am quite lucky that my new owner's lifestyle fits my needs I am sure they will have a couple of sleepless nights because of me and my funny ideas ;) ....

I was born in CZ, my breeder was one of the first people who brought the Catahoula Leopard Dog into Europe and the name of the Kennel is Sumici Kridla. My "Ma" and "Pa",both came across the deep blue sea a couple of years ago..and now HERE I AM!

Ready to become a challenge for my new owners and to show them how important it is that the owner's personality matches that of their dog -- which is ME.

I for sure will test them down to their a well known saying says:To own a Catahoula you need to be more strong-willed, intelligent and confident then they are., so we shall see,and I`ll keep you posted!

However, in my new home I won`t be "just a pet". A Catahoula is a working dog… is who and what we are and have always been. Luckily my new owners are aware of that, and plan already "activities" that make sense for me and keep me entertained. I will become a great working dog and won`t be just a "Catahoula look alike".

Well, that`s all for now...I will keep on concentrating on growing, having fun, being a puppy and keeping my owners entertained!

* * * * * * * * * *

"Time fly`s! Meanwhile I am a grown young adult (you can find the latest pics at the "Catahoula Diary"). Only two weeks left and I will be 9 month old! I am doing great, and my owners are so very much pleased with me - but I am as well :)!"

"I already ended the puppy class and attended the first trials and hunting tests with great results (you can read more about that at "My Adventures"). At the moment I am in the middle of youngster training and I am also getting prepared for my first shows in the beginning of the next year. But my life is not just about that - I also have plenty of fun! Together with my owner I am out and about for hours every day! I am exploring all the woods around Munich, and I get to my favourite River (the Isar) nearly every day too! On this walks I can just be a dog, scenting, running, exploring, rolling in all kinds of stuff and socialise like hell with other dogs! I just love life, I am a real dog! And it should stay this way ;)"

The lastest news! There will be a new dog in the house! I am about to get a little brother! ;) We will see what this little fellow will add to the whole picture. I am a "nearly" grown adult now, but I am sure I can teach him one thing or two (just to annoy our two-legged a friends a little bit)! Stay tuned! The first pictures of the little fellow will be here soon!

Keep checking on updates....and I`ll see you soooooon ;)

L Litter

"L Litter"

One of a kind

1 Day old


1 Day old

Cats Cradle Hancock

"Cats Cradle Hancock"

Blue Leopard


Blue Leopard



Newborn :)



I am such a good boy :)

Look a tree ;)

"Look a tree ;)"

Hancock & Turtle

"Hancock & Turtle"

Roaming around

"Roaming around"

I`m the king

"I`m the king"

Hancock & siblings

"Hancock & siblings"

Having fun at the river!

"Having fun!"

You gotta love my face ;o)

"You gotta love me!"

I am a fly guy ;o)

"Fly guy ;o)"

Come play with me

"Come play with me"

Hancock aka Garfield

"Hancock aka Garfield ;)"

Looking fancy ;o)

"Looking fancy ;o)"

We just love each other ;)

"We just "love" each other ;)"

My favourite sleeping position

"My favourite sleeping position"

Freaky Look

"Freaky Look"

Mr Hancock

"Mr Hancock"

Fluffy white thing following me!

"Fluffy white thing"

Me and my breeder

"Me and my breeder"

Me and my Dad

"Me and my Dad"

Hancock 2 weeks old

"Hancock 2 weeks old"

Good looking boy ;o)

"Ain`t I good looking?"

Good looking fellow.

"Good looking fellow ;o)"

Being investigative!

"Being curious!"



That`s my tree ;o)

"That`s my tree ;o)"

Jumping around ;o)

"Jumping around ;o)"

Hancock & Sis` ;o)

"Hancock & Sis` ;o)"