Hugo - Lennox best mate!

Munich / Germany

That`s Hugo, a Magyar Vizla, directly from hungary!

They met when they have been 10 weeks old at the puppy kindergarden. What should I say, it was love at first sight and their "relationship" continues til today (being a real hunting dog seems to help bonding!). In the meanwhile both of them are nearly 1 year old, and see each other a few times every week!

Phew...there is some action when those guys meet! Our boys play and run like firecrackers! For hours! You really can`t get them tired anymore - even we are unsure if it was ever any different ;)!

Hugo and Lennox are like the two opposite ends of a spectrum. Hugo always has been the "nerd" and the good guy of the group ;o)! On the other hand Lennox can really be a stubborn little thingy, he definately deserves his nickname "buffalo"! But those two together are a great team. Like our trainer said once, "Hugo would drive VW cabrio, preferably in yellow - while Lennox would drive Opel manta with some fox tail on the radio fin and the hairdresser on the seat next to him . Well what can I say - this picture still discribes them very well! ;)

Hugo and Lennox also went on "holiday" together, they stayed at the Regensburger dog pack for nearly 10 days! That brought them together even more. Our boys just seem to have exclusive rights for one another! Strange dogs are allowed to join their game...but not for a long time really...they just seem to have more fun keeping themselves to themselves!

Although the soundscape during our walks would remind people more of "murder and manslaughter" then of "hey buddy I really like you", we know it better and are really relaxed and layed back watching them play! Indeed we are very very happy that the random puppy kindergarden contact turned into such a great friendship!

It`s just a fact - Hugo rocks!













Mean side attack




Wild chase!


Happy 3!




Gimme a kiss!


Play with me!


Fly guy!


On the hunt!