Here you can find friends of me and my owners!

As one of my "two-legged friends" grew up with cats,dogs,cattle and horses ...and always has been very active doing all kind of dogsports with her former "four-legged partners" she knows quite a few people AND dogs (which I dont like so much-I am kind of jeleaous), you might find not only Catahoula People here...there can be Dobermann`s, Ridgeback`s and even Horse people or just some other friends that would like to be on our Site! ;)

I hope you find something of interest for you or just enjoy browsing around.

Have fun!

Special Thanks

Thank you Mary for providing valid information about the breed and health topics :) and for some of the kids pics.

Thank you Denise and Sandy for letting me put up some of the "big boys" nicest shots!

Thank you John for providing such a big range of "Houla" shots, you really have a nice view on things!

Thank you Carlye for allowing me to have some of your beauties on my site as well.

...and finally, Thank you Denise for providing pictures of dogs who are lucky enough to live on a farm and enjoy roaming around all day!



Cayenne with pups


with one of her pups



in the sunlight

"Co. Comanche Catahoulas"

..always good company



enjoying some sunrays

Catahoulas & Water

"Catahoulas & Water"

...a match made in heaven!