Cat`s Cradle Emmit & Reel Zydeco`s Eli

Based in Toronto / Canada

Kathy & Dj live in Toronto. I met them during my trip to Canada in 2010! But they are not alone ;) Emmit and Eli live with them, two Bobtail Catahoulas born in the Cat`s Cradle Kennel and in the Reel Zydeco`s Kennel, which are both specialised in breeding bobtail Catahoulas.

The natural bobtail trait in the Catahoula has been around since the beginning of the breed and in my opinion a bobtail is not a "severe fault"!

Kathy & Dj are real fun people, and meeting them was lots of fun. It`s a shame they live so far away, as you can tell, they love their "boys" and it would be nice to catch up in person more often ;)!

Obviously "great minds think alike" - their two dogs are raw fed as well as ours is. And you can tell by looking at them. Emmit and Eli are two stunning looking dogs.

Eli might become a Stud dog one day, as far as I know, Mary has him in mind for her new girl Ellie...and I am sure this litter would rock! Anyway, I have seen Bobtail Catahoulas work, and even my opinion might not be shared by everyone, I found them equal with every longtail Catahoula I`ve seen.

It`s not the length of the tail that matters for work, it`s the effort which will be put into the training of a dog.

Can`t wait to see you guys again, hopefully it won`t be to long! ;)

Cat`s Cradle Emmit

"Cat`s Cradle Emmit"

Cat`s Cradle Eli

"Reel Zydeco`s Eli"

Emmit & Eli

"Emmit & Eli"

Handsome Emmit

"Handsome Emmit"

Curious Eli

"Curious Eli"

Emmit & Water

"Emmit & Water"

Chilled Eli

"Chilled Eli"

Pack on the run!

"One pack!"

Emmit - Bobtail Catahoula

"Emmit - Bobtail Catahoula"

Eli - Bobtail Catahoula

"Eli - Bobtail Catahoula"