Big boy!

"Big boy!"

Lennox is growing - and how, no real proportions ;o)! His head and chest are huge compared to his body...but there is still so much space in his "fur-coat" that we hope that Lennox will fill in this space and look somehow proportional at some stage of his life ;o)! Still, even now we look at him from time to time - and Lennox really is a big dog! Not even two month ago he was a cute cuddly little blue eyed package! Time just fly`s ;o)!

I am a real hunting dog, you can tell ;o)

"On the hunt! ;o)"

Look at our little hunter! Lennox isn`t just growing bodywise, no also mindwise he has changed a lot. He really is much more mature, lifting his leg about 30 times during every walk, and he does not back down from every other not neutered male anymore. He does already show real signs of hunting behaviour, and its about time to get onto his hunting training, to channel his energy.

Hunting dog!

"Hunting dog ;o)!"

Don´t you worry I am well aware of the fact that Lennox is no hunting dog like a Bavarian Gebirgsschweißhund for example (just for the german hunters beyond us), but sometimes he really looks like one ;o). But in fact he is a real hunting dog! It`s just so much fun to wonder through the woods with him, just to enjoy quite, peace and nature...I just dont want to think about the last two years without a dog being around. This way I like my life much more! ;o)

Rollin` rollin` rollin`! ;o)

"Goofbag! ;o)"

Lennox=Clown! He can be such a goofbag ;o)! No matter if he is rolling forwards or backwards. With or without a stick. With speed and headjump in the Isar or the Icebach....or if he is trying to "steel" my colleagues their`s just always fun with him! Some boring moments with Lennox around ?! No way - for us he is the perfect dog.

Who needs a collar!

"No collar!"

Collars are completely overrated from Lennox point of view! But how to get rid of them? Oh well, since today he knows how, he did find a way - just rolling around until the stupid thing will open ;o)! So, dogs cant be clever - oh they sure can! We for sure got an intelligent one. Lennox is very clever, keeps us busy - and its good this way! ;o)

Don`t make me wait ;o)

"Don`t like to wait!"

Lennox just does not like to wait! That`s for sure! If our little leopard cant stand one thing - it would be waiting for us ;o). But until we can start cycling with him he will have to live with and accept the fact, that us humans are not equiped with a four-wheel drive! Thats just his big advantage! ;o)

What are you looking at?  ;)

"What are you looking at? ;o)"

Oh look at these eyes! Lennox really can look like a little angel. But dont let him fool yourself - we know better, and because of that it means being extra strict with him matter how shiny the blue eyes might be! ;o))

Cold feet!

"Cold feet ;o)"

Not only on one occasion we have seen - Lennox is one furry animal. He definately has more fur than the "typical" Catahoula. So its not a big deal that he does not like the heat that much! When the sun is shining we have to choose a walk where there is some water for our Leopard to cool his feet and his head ;o)! Lennox just is more found of water than of sun!

Gotta love the evening walks ;o)

"Evening sun ;o)"

As nice as the morning walks through the woods and over the fields might be - a nice long walk in the evening sun is hard to beat! So peaceful and quiet - pure relaxation! So, its not only fun for Lennox, its also fun for us. We just hope for a nice indian summer during the next couple of weeks...which will make up for our rainy summer ;o)!

Bending and bouncing ;o)!

"Bouncy! ;o)"

One difficult topic! Is the dog healthy, or is it not? Are the bloodlines "weak or strong", good or bad, sick or healthy. Why dont people just relax and let their dogs grow up in peace? There is no rush! Nobody can know if his or her dog will be sound and healthy when grown up, but that is still no reason for going crazy about that topic. A dog will know what its capable of doing and what not - if you let it! All the rest, time will show. So people - relax!!

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