Look at me!

"What`s up?!"

We really picked the "poser" of the litter! Jesus, he can play important. Main thing for Lennox - to look big ;o)! As soon as he spots another dog, a human being or even a tree in the middle of nowhere, he will start to pose ;o)! Even with grown males he will keep his position! But of course only for a few seconds...he doesn`t seem to be that stupid ;o). He knows very well when he has to obey, and right now that`s the case 99% of the time. So as soon as the other dogs comes up to him he switches into his puppy behaviour and we can continue our walk - relaxed! Whee!;o)

Month ago we nearly have been the same size ;o)

"Differences! ;o)"

May I introduce, that`s Franzi, an italian greyhound! She is allowed to do EVERYTHING! Ears, cheeks, throat - she will bite and pull every little pice of skin there is. And Lennox, all gentleman, will just hold still and accept it ;o)! Only if Lennox starts to move, Franzi stays at least one or two (or even a couple of hundred meters) behind. Because even her Highness knows, that, (with this difference in size) a collision at that speed would cause her a lot of harm! She would always lose (and so would probably her bones)! So pls keep some distance (so that we have loads and loads of walks ahead together and in one piece) ;o)!

Don`t mess with me!

"Don`t mess with me ;o)!"

Like said before, the girls are allowed to do everything to Lennox (up to now)! It`s a whole different setup with males that are his age. Growling, bodychecks, little fights...they test everything they can while they enter their puperty ;o). They have to. Now they learn imporant lessons which will last (and hopefully help them) for the rest of their lives. Up to now I`d say Lennox is a very relaxed male, but who knows what tomorrow will bring, when the hormons finally kick in...oh well, I am sure the guys know what I am talking about ;o)!

I am such a poser! ;o)

"Grown into a pretty boy ;o)"

Just a couple of month ago, Lennox has been a cute little puppy! Not a lot of things still remind us of that. The young fellow has grown into a pretty young man so far! Sometimes we tend to forget that Lennox does not even count as a youngster yet, as he looks already so grown up! Such a precocious little fellow, thank god not in every way ;o).

I am not only a look a like!

"NO look-a-like!"

Because of the current cause about the "hype" around the Catahoula Leopard Dog, I`d like to write down a few of my thoughts. Especially in europe, it seems that if you buy a puppy, you buy the breeding plans right with it! Just because one person is absolute enthusiastic about her/his dog, it does not mean, that everybody has to start "breeding"! More and more dogs are bought, imported and sadly also "produced"! Lately I hear the sentence, "we should breed the Catahoula less hard, less high-maintanance and with less drive" in conversations between "breeders" here more often than I can cope with! Is this the new breeding goal for the Catahoula in Europe?! So that everybody can walk through town with such a fancy colourful dog? I am asking myself how any breeder who calls him/herself serious can breed a dog, which was meant to be a working dog and STILL can do this job, can say such a thing and still have a clear conscience! Such a "breeding goal" will ruin a good breed and degrade it to a Catahoula look-a-like! Just that the actual hype can be satisfied ?! This way of breeding will do a lot of harm to all of us! Not everybody owning a Catahoula should breed! I can just hope that there are still people with a little bit of sense out there, who will preserve the Catahoula as it was meant to be - a WORKING DOG, not a Couch Potatoe with spots!

Wohoo I am wild ;o)

"I am wild ;o)"

Lennox is a little wild monster! At the moment he has his "I`ll get you and kill you" Phase ;o). Thank god he is just practicing with sticks and other dead stuff! It`s so much fun watching him. When he then finally got his "prey"..he will run around, presenting it very very proud. We are not sure if he will ever undestand that he is not a cat! ;o) Although, maybe that`s just the proove that he is a real leopard ;o)!

Speedy Gonzales!  ;)

"Speedy Gonzales ;o)"

If our young fellow gets his "run-flash", there is nothing which will hold him back ;o). He will turn his circles through our garden, over fields and even through the jungle in the woods (on several occasions he will bring some of the wood - stuck in his collar - with back to us). At the moment his favourite are the fields in the morning - when the grass is still wet and fresh, so it will keep him cool while he is turning his spins! Summer is nearly on its end...and we are all sure that especially Lennox is looking forward to autumm!

Catahoula in the dust!

"Dusty ;o)"

Haven`t I been talking about autumn lately? Oh well, its here - sooner than expected...there is already dust over the fields in the mornings! You can hardly spot Lennox in the fog - his grey colour does not help...Catahoulas instead of gorillas in the mist ;o)! Not that the fog would annoy him in any way - indeed the opposite is the case, he really enjoys our morning walks in the fog....he`ll just skip on the usual morning bath in the Isar...maybe because he is still just a (sorry guys) male! ;o)

Freaky ;o)

"Freaky ;o)"

Oh people stop telling me this dog would be sweet ;o)! Take a look at his "evil eye" ínstead...especially after he just ended his "running-flash" and got a stick as prey...he will have a real weird look about him. Maybe just to proove that he is a real guy! ;o) Just "sweet" - somehow ;o)!

Mouse, mouse, mouse ;o)!

"Mouse! ;o)"

Yes, a Catahoula is a real hunting dog. No Kelpie- or Kangal, like stated on some other websites. If some people would take a closer look at their own dog...they would understand immideately! Lennox loves it to rummage in the woods, looking for mice or anything - it does not really matter to him. Surely he is not allowed to hunt right now - but we are working on it ;o)!

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