I am growing!


"He is growing like weed - my owners continue saying ;o). Well, what else did they expect? I couldn`t stay a sweet little thing with short legs for the whole rest of my life! Slowely you can recognise how I am going to look when I am a fully grown adult male. But until then there is still a lot of time, because regarding the space my skin is still offering...I will keep growing for a while ;o)! You can still pull it like gum (not that my owners would do that, but Franzi and Hugo do!). Meanwhile I am 20.08 inch tall and weigh 36,38 Lbs ;o). And I am only 4,5 month old now. "We did not want a Great Dane" I always hear my humans say ;o)! Hm, what they might mean by that?"

Shut down for a while ;o)

"Disconnected! ;o)"

10am in Germany ;o)! Whoever knows this advertisement slogan, knows what`s coming up next! Lennox is going to have a break, and not only that. He is really disconnecting! Whenever he is in this mood, it really seems that all of his body and brain activities are in "Stand-by" modus ;o)! So it`s always very unconvinient for him if somebody of us wants something... ;o). But so far the little fellow always found the "Run System again" switch! Hallelujah ;o)!

Flat like a tire!

"Flat like a tire ;o)!"

"Oh my, that was a day! The complete day we have been on a trail with a huge pack of dogs (13 dogs / 20 people). And it was teriffic! Besides Franzi I did not know any other dog of the pack, and there have been loads of adult and big dogs around. Also "snoopy" a slithly agressive Shepard mix, but even with him I had no problems at all! My humans really have been impressed and happy with me, and the way I did behave. They beieve I was quite brave! When we came home I started to nibble away on a bone, but after a few minutes I really had to close my eyes and let the day and all the adventures I had been through pass by again - in my dreams ;o)! I am so looking forward to the next trail with the pack!"

All legs up in the air ;o)

"Legs up in the air! ;o)"

We have a saying here, that men should build a house, become a son and plant a tree during their life. Young male dogs, start by lifting their leg. Lennox did that today ;o)! Suprisingly he decided to leave his mark on the corner of a field - it was the first time in his life. He stood very well on his three legs, and did not dangle a little bit! Wow, have we been surprised (stupid about what humans can be happy about) ;o)! Well, again he has grown a little, time runs by so fast ;o).

Team-mates ;o)

"Team-mates ;o)"

Nothing better than good friends! Well, Lennox and Hugo are best friends (at the moment)! They met when they have been 8 weeks old during the puppy play. Looked for and found - hits the nail on the head ;o)! Since that day, the boys rock the place whenever they meet. Nothing and nobody is safe when they are around ;o)! Surely, their friendship might not persist their whole lifes, as they are males, and might "try" each other when they want to find their position in the pack order. But until that moment, the humans and the dogs will enjoy the days full of harmony ;o)

I am a (real) dog ;o)

"I - Dog"

Lennox isn`t 5 month old by now, but his character is changing already. Right now he nearly has any more puppy traits no more! The little fellow becomes more and more protective, his hunting instincts come through, he does not accept a growning from other dogs as easy and he is testing his "fighting skills" while playing with Hugo or other dogs more and more. Time is passing by so fast! 2,5 month ago he was a cute little puppy - in the meanwhile his starting weight has trippled ;o)! We will see how our little "spot-devil" will develop!

Summertime!  ;)

"Summertime ;o)"

Finally summer! "But why does it have to be over 30 degrees?!" Lennox changed a lot, he is not always looking for food anymore - no - instead he is looking for shadow ;o)! As nice as summer can be, these hot days aren`t Lennox favourite thing. Trails that aren`t close to the water or the woods aren`t really very liked by him right now ;o)! Sure, he is still up for a good run or playtime with other dogs, but afterwards there has to be a "drink-rest-break". I`d say Lennox is a typical "Hog-Stopper", fast on the short track, but way to heavy and big for being a long-distance runner. Doesn`t matter for us - we still love him ;o)!

Good boy-looking up!

"Butterfly`s in my head ;o)"

It does not matter if its the sound system in the metro, a helicopter (like yesterday) or even airplanes. Lennox spots everything in the sky. Birds aren`t really that interesting for him, but man-made machines or sound sources are (maybe he is adopting to his city environment). Even the heli which landed just about 50 meters from us yesterday, did not really scare him! Who would have thought that, just a few month ago, even the tiles in the kitchen scared him so much, that he did not wanna move anymore. But by the looks of things, with increasing age also the insecurities disappear...Awesome!

Pretty boy ;o)

"Big-headed ;o)"

Right, even when Lennox was little you could already guess that his head would become big...comparing him with his siblings left no space for any doubts. But who would have thought that he will become such a bold head ;o)? We really hope that the rest of his body will still grow a little bit too, because right now the proportions are really out of scale ;o)! Looks funny though! But there are still people around who say..."oh, what`s HER name?" if any female at that age would carry a head like this on her shoulders...we are still speaking about a Catahoula here and not about a Mastiff ;o)!

Mine, mine, mine ;o)!

"Mine, mine! ;o)"

We covered this topic already! Lennox isn`t really into this whole sharing thing ;o)! Just very "special" individuals (dogs) manage to take his toy off him. "Don`t start on this", he seems to think! If he could, he would probably hide everything, digging it in somewhere or even swallow it, just that he does not have to share. Thank god that most sticks, balls and toys dont really fit in his stomach...but unfortunately a sock did. We all hope that happened just this one occasion!

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