We just love our houla ;o)

"We just love our Houla!"

That`s just a fact and I felt like sharing it with the whole world! ;o) Lennox is just an awesome dog! So clever, funny, and always up do show off some of his new tricks, he is well behaved with other dogs and humans and such a great office doggie! We could not have picked a better dog and are really happy with the choice we made! Lennox you are just OVER THE TOP ;o)

Lennox is just a fly guy ;o)

"Fly guy ;o)"

Lennox is a real "Springgankerl"! No matter where, how, what - he will find something to jump over ;o)! This whole "jumping-thing" must be a real capital joke! And also sometimes our hearts stand still for a second, looking at his wicked "jump-actions", we love to watch our Catahoula - and enjoy him being that happy and free to do what he feels like doing! ;o)

Ain`t I look cute!


If Lennox would be a human being, you would have to call him "perfect son in law" ;o)! No matter where we are, with his puppy dog eyes he melts every heart ;o). That doesn`t make our lifes easier! The opposite is the case, this circumstance is causing us much more work with the little guy! Lennox is mutating into a "Flummy with Duracelboost" whenever a stranger is looking, or talking to him nicely ;o). Getting him back to the ground - can take a while ;o)! But still we prefer to have a little dog which is overwhelmingly friendly than a little skeptic one...we are sure - with a bit of time, we can channel his friendly personality in the right way! And he can stay Everybody`s Darling ;o).

I just need something to stand on!

"Lookout point ;o)"

Without a Lookout point life isn`t the same - at least for Lennox! The little man is always looking for a spot, from where he has the perfect outlook over his patch! Never mind if that`s a fallen tree in the woods close to his home, the sofa in our house (although he isn`t seen there that often-mostly if we don`t look), or the windowsill in the office... Lennox needs the absolute overview ;o)!

Mudbag ;)

"Mudbag ;o)"

"Mudbag" - that is our synonym for Lennox ;o). As much as he likes to play around and swim in the Munich lakes and rivers....that`s nothing compared to the "rolling around in the mud" after a good swim! If he is busy doing that, you can`t tell where the dog starts and where it ends ;o)! Is his mudamor than complete, Lennox is unstoppable. Like a ball-lightning he will pace through the grass, around the trees and passing us - the expression of pure lust for life! Sometimes I wish I could live a dog`s life ;o)!!

Gotta find something if you dont find company ;o)


Lennox can entertain himself pretty good alone, he does not always need other dogs to have fun. Sure, it would be nicer, but if he has to think of something else to enjoy himself when no other dog is around... he always finds something! The last couple of days, sticks are his favourite substitutes ;o)! No matter what size, he will go for it, throw it through the air, hit it in the grass, dig it in - dig it out, making sure it`s dead...the full program! Looking at him doing all these things, we are sometimes happy that he is trying it out on stuff which is already liveless ;o).

I can look so damn serious  ;)

"Professor Lennox ;o)"

I really don`t know where Lennox got his very important look from ;o)! Sometimes he can look at something or somebody leaving the impression he would think very hard about the big problems of our world ;o)! He can stare like this for about a minute without even moving. Like a very absentminded Professor ;o). I really don`t know if there are other Catahoulas around sharing the same habbit...well if not, than it`s just Lennox personal note!

I am a cow dog - but sometimes I am also a cow!


The Catahoula has been bred for decades as an all-around hunting/treeing dog and farm/working stock dog. Although Lennox has seen a couple of cattle already, who could assume he would behave like one from time to time ;o)? For minutes he can stand peacefully on a summerfield and graze...quite a funny thing to watch for most pedestrians! We already heard comments like... "does the little one know that he is a dog?" or "is he suffering a personality disorder "...we take it with humor, as long as our boy is happy, and he sure is to 100% ;o)!!

I got Character ;o)

"Dog with Profile ;)"

One thing is for sure, Lennox really is a pretty boy! He has loads of character and charisma ;o). To capture this in a picture isn`t that easy, but I believe we did a good job with this one! Lennox is a grand dog and we have loads of fun watching him grow and see him develop into an adult dog ;o)!

Ellie ;o)!


This is Ellie! She is the new addition to the Langevin`s Family ;o). Ellie is a red brindle Catahoula, which is a very rare colour! Besides that she is a great-great granddaughter of Annie and a great-great-great granddaughter of Jagger...we are thrilled for Mary and Conrad and so glad that they got Ellie! Sure all the positive characteristics of her ancestors will come through in Ellie and she will become a great breeding dog! We are excited to see how Ellie will develop and happy for everybody...Ellie found the perfect home, and Mary and Conrad found a great addition to their family! ;o)

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