Water - I could not live without it ;o)


Water - the source of life. Regarding Lennox - truer words have never been spoken! It does not matter where we are, he will find water, if there is some. I would nearly compare him with a divining rod ;o)! If we aren`t sure about the water situation at our destination, we are well equipt and take some H20 in bottles with us ;o). Lennox is what we would call bottle-fed, because you could call him a "pro" looking how is drinking out of a bottle! "Well, more is better than less!" He for sure will never suffer of thirst;o)!

I am turning into a wrestler lately ;o)


Lennox is becomming more and more artful in his play with other dogs. On a daily basis there are new moves to watch ;o). His latest trick is the following: to jump all over his opponent and push him down with his whole weight - which by now - is quite a bit...before the other one get`s the grip again - Lennox will disappear like a ball-lightning over the field ;o)! He is becomming a real "Houdini".

The early bird catches the worm!

"The early catches the worm!"

"Early riser" - that would describe me pretty well. But Lennox - again - excelled my expectations ;o). We have a saying "the dog`s are like their owner", but, I never got up between 4am and 5am, not by choice anyway ;o)! Lennox is full of energy, and at the moment we can`t expect more than 6 hours sleep in a row of him ;o). But what can you do! To have a puppy in the house is no walk in the park - but still better than having a baby ;o)!

Don`t wake me!

"Sleep - 1A"

If Lennox is sleeping - and that`s not very often - than he really wants to enjoy his sleep! Until he has found the perfect spot and the right position, it can take ages - sometimes even more than 60 minutes. The young man is high maintanance ;o)! If the surroundings are perfect - it can start - and with a perfect roll on his back, Lennox is on his way to "wonderland" ;o)!

Pure Relaxation ;)

"Pure Relaxation"

Even during his so beloved "puppy-play" Lennox has always time for a break! He is a little bon vivant and does not like anything or anybody to disturb him ;o). Sure, if we leave, he is right behind us - but to be honest, a little break won`t do us any harm either. So sometimes...we just relax together! ;o)

I am an investigative guy ;o)

"Curious boy"

If Lennox is one thing for sure - he is a real curious boy! It does not matter if we are in the woods, at home or on the road...he has to investigate everything ;o)! Stones, roots, pieces of paper...that really does not matter for him. Yesterday it was a thick and happy bumblebee! This little happy chappy was flying from one flower to the next when Lennox spotted her - he just could not resist this loud buzzing noise! So, bum in the air and front legs on the those two were ready to say "hello" ;o)! When that was done and over with, both went on with their own ways, doing what they were doing. Nice ;o)!

I am looking for something groce to roll in ;)

"Magic Cap ;o)"

Sometimes I really would wish for some kind of a magic cap. Well, what I am just dreaming of - is not at all a problem for Lennox! He just follows his nose, to the next most disgusting smelling thing he can find - never mind if it`s something dead, rotten or whatever - looking back at me, before turning around and doing a headjump into the rotten whatever in front of him! I am freaking out - he really does not understand my behaviour, instead he is a real happy chappy! Because now, he would be ready to go out for a hunt, if, yes if his two legged-companion would not stand in his way ;o).

If I would not get meat - I would hunt some!

"No Vegetarian!"

I don`t really know if this kind of stuff is a phenomenon of "our time", but there are really people who believe a dog would be a happier dog if fed Vegetarian! I have no clue if I should shake my head about this kind if attitude or laugh about it ;o). Taking it serious, is surely no option! Lately I had a woman talking to me: "Really, my dog would never eat something with eyes!" For sure, I thought to myself - our dog would! ;o) That`s for sure, if Lennox would not be fed raw - he would go hunting for himself! A real self-supporter! Because our little one isn`t one thing as sure as death - a Vegetarian! ;o)

You gotta know some tricks ;o)

"Defense ;)"

I could watch "our" dogs play for hours! It`s just fascinating to look at them learning for life while playing and trying out all "possible and impossible situations that can happen in a dog`s life" ;o). At the moment their clear favourite is "Defense and Blocking". Just Awesome! Between all these "Block-moves" there is always time for "showing off" sprinting over the field and checking out who is the fastest this time!! So sad, that this time is passing by so fast!

I am real waterproof!


Surely, this year`s summer does take it`s time to arrive, but for a real water rat, just bad weather is no reason for holding back ;o)! Lennox has his clear "Favourite Spots" around the Munich rivers and creeks. If we go there, we better are prepared - that our grey dog - will come back to us as a muddy brown piglet ;o)! He will wade through water, make head-jumps into the deep water and dig through the soil close to the banks (who knows, maybe he is looking for a treasure)! We all are really looking forward to warm and sunny summerdays, but I am nearly sure, Lennox is looking forward the most!! ;o)

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