I know how to enjoy life - with or without cat ;)

"Meow Meow!"

Today was the day! Lennox first close encounter with a cat :o). Nose to nose. What an adventure for him...A couple of weeks ago we placed a cat, who was looking for a new home, with some of our friends. Now it was about time for a visit to see how all of them are doing ;o). Lennox was totally excited. "Little, furry and fluffy - very interesting - I have to play with it!" In the beginning Lilly wasnt to keen on Lennox, but with a bit of time she got very (cat typically) curious and had to have a closer look at Lennox ;o). By the end of our visit, both puppy and kitten lay next to the fireplace and had a nap. Well, they for sure know how to enjoy life the right way!

I am the new kid in the block ;)

"The new colleague!"

We have a new associate in our office! Lennox, 13 weeks of age, "dont eat the cable - take a bone instead" dog and sunshine! I have to say, I am impressed! Lennox did develop great and adjusted himself pretty smooth to the office surroundings. He loves his place next to my desk and "bothers" his other colleagues on very rare occasions ;o)! He is a rolemodel of a colleague, I would like to have some more of these around ;o)!

I have to travel if I wanna meet some friends!

"Frequent driver!"

Lennox would deserve his own train ticket! Because he is a frequent driver and one of the best customers of the Munich MVG ;o)! Every day we are travelling with bus and metro to the office, the english garden, to visit some friends or to go to the dogtraining. By now Lennox is a real "pro" ;o)! It does not matter how crowded the metro is, if there are yelling baby`s or other dogs around, Lennox keeps his cool! I am really happy that we started the "Train-training" that early, I dont even wanna imagine how the daily travelling would become if you have a little "chunky monkey" on your leash. Sometimes you just have to be lucky!

Always with the nose on the ground!


If its about food, Lennox is a real hoover! In his opinion "chewing is completly overrated"...why should he worry about chewing when its the only goal for him to get the food as fast as possible into his stomach ;o)! When I look at him while he is looping down his food, I sometimes wanna scream at him :"Hey, you are wrong! You are not a Labrador!" But who could be mad at him! Eating is fun, no matter if you have two legs or four paws!

Training for life - there was just no tissue around ;)


If all scruffy tissues would be as valuable as Périgord truffles - we would be Millionairs by now! Thanks to Lennox. Because when its about tissues, Lennox is not a Catahoula...he`d rather be something like a truffle pig :o)! It does not matter where and when, if there is a scruffy tissue somewhere, Lennox will find it - guaranteed. If you than watch him passing by with his swollen with pride chest and the prey in his fang - it becomes clear to you...that MUST be some kind of fun! Luckily there are also some other things - like fir cones - that are very appealing to Lennox, otherwise I would probably have to start worrying about our little "tissue-fetishist" ;o)!

Sneaking at Indigo ;o)

"Indigo - Take 2"

Monday was the day - Lennox and Indigo met again! The little one was slaphappy to see his older "bro", did not wait a second, and was all over Indigo. For a whole hour he tried to get Indy to play with him. But no chance! For Indy, Lennox seems to be something like bothersome parasitic noise! ;o) Probably it will take a few more month until Lennox will be a serious "opponent or playmate" for him - we would prefer the second choice. Because Lennox just loves to play ;o)!

Must have been an awesome dream ;)


I shared my life with a lot of dogs, but none of them had such "fantastic" dreams than Lennox! Sure, they all made a lot of noise while being asleep! But wagging their tail and chewing "a bone" (or whatever) - none of them had that in their "dream repertoire". Lennox is just special - not only when he is wide awake! ;o)

I am such a tough guy - or at least I look like one


Lennox is up for daily improvement. We started with Cattle cartilages. In the beginning it took hin nearly an hour to "kill and eat them". But in the meanwhile, we can just remember those days! Because a Cattle cartilage does not impress him anymore! If we still try to keep him busy with that stuff, it`s gone in about 5 minutes ;o)! Now, we are getting him paddle bones - the big stuff - and they at least keep him busy for about 30 minutes. We will see where that is going to end! ;o)

Roadrunner ;o)

"Roadrunner ;)"

Lennox has rocket drive! Not always, but always more often ;o)! A couple of days ago he prefered to stroll around - that was his favourite! Now, it`s a complete different setup! Strolling is just "up to date" if the sun is shining and Lennox has to safe up some energy! All other times of the day he is mutating into a little rocket! He is shooting through the brushwood like there would be no tomorrow - and now and than he is even able to leave his Vizla friend Hugo behind, and that`s really something special! ;o)

I just love Paulina ;o) You gotta fancy her spots!


Paulina is Lennox latest capture in the Lady-Dogworld. Those two can spend hours chasing each other around or to roll all over the place, creating the weirdest movements ever! Watching them is far better than any TV program ;o)! Paulina may be 7 month old (and is currently looking for a new home), but for Lennox she is always making an exeption and behaving like a puppy! It seems like Lennox falls for older women easily - like some other "humans".

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