There he is - our "jump into the field" Hancock aka carrot! Permanent new ideas and nonsense in his head but never ever charmless. As naughty he can be as difficult is it for us to get angry with him, now and then. This guy takes on guy(s) or women with an open heart - soon crooked nothing. Nevertheless, he is not to be underestimated, although he may be an immigrant Bavarian with Canadian roots, and yet every now and then he's a real anger pee! Welcome to Bavaria young fellow ;o)!

Watch it ;)

"Deputy Chief ;)"

Hank `s second side - he probably understands himself as a small sheriff's deputy. Whether he must stand by our or Lennox side, in his opinion, he is very dutiful. It needs lots of persuasion to send him into the premature" closing time "so that he can relax sometimes. Breaks are not really Hancock's thing - he is always on duty ;o)!



Lennox is more commonly the "steamroller" in our home - but if he is on the hunt, he is a master of camouflage. If he could do as he wanted - and that he can hardly do while being in the field of hunting (I know, I know, we spoil the fun), we could confidently leave our meat supply on him and would go to the local supermarket less often. Well, who knows - if we decide to be self-catering, Lennox would be certainly part of the party: o)!


"Small Flirt ;)"

Lennox second side - he`s the heartbreaker (at least when it comes to the dog ladies). Unfortunately, I can not say about him that he is a big fan of monogamy, on the contrary, for Lennox there are never enough beautiful girls in each "port" ;o). Whether Shani, Sunny, Ira or Frieda ... Lennox loves them all! He pulls out all the stops to win the hearts of the dog ladies. To him .... there really is nothing sacred and nothing embarrassing. A good training for his people! ;o) Thanks very much!



That would be Lennox third side - scary :o)! I do not know how many muscles such a dog's face can have, but I'm pretty sure Lennox face has significantly more than any other dogs face :o)! Gravity and fun at regular intervals lead to the fact that his face is completely derailed and so is his facial expression. No matter how horrible it may look too - I love his face to 1000 percent. With him its never boring!


"Break ;)"

A Day in the Life of a Dog Trainers dog can be so terribly exhausting! At 5 clock in the morning the day starts - they have to constantly arrange with other dogs and people, behave and interact together. Lunch breaks are often a foreign concept, not to mention the sharing of any resources. This leads to the fact that my two boys will fall asleep ten minutes after the entered the doorstep. If you get up with the chickens just go to bed with the chickens! You guys are just super! :o)

Graue Eminenz

"Grey Eminence"

Even if he's only about to become 3 years old, Lennox has thus become a sovereign Catahoula male. He acts and governs dog groups - supports me in my daily work, keeps little carrot on track, and has surely overcome my expectations by far! A true "self-propelling" dog trainers dog. Who would have thought that 3 years ago - hardly anybody I guess! I love my great grey friend. Definitely a prime example of a really good dog!

Kraftpaket ;o)

Power Package ;)

The sovereign moments, something I still wait for regarding Hancock. Every now and then, he has really good moments, but there are also different times. But patience, patience - even our red little powerpackgage is about to become a really good dog :o)! He is just a few corners later off than Lennox, a real giant baby, with a murder will to please - if it was not about those pesky hormones :o). Something he really differs significantly from Lennox, who mainly has done "his own thing" through the first couple of years. I wonder what surprises will await me with Hank, but I'm quite sure it will certainly not boring!

Meine Nerven!

Nerve-wrecking ;)

Sometimes it`s hard to be the greyish one. Peace and quiet is rarely to find in our home. At least not when the "young savages" are guests. Lennox bears the back and forth with stoic calm - now he has developed really good nerves and fills out his chief role perfectly. Madly great dog!

Was ist da?

? ? ?

Boys will be Boys - hard to imagine and only god knows what these cattle skins have been through to over the years :o) But I'm sure Arthur and Hancock are reading the newspaper here, with all the stories of the last 3 years: o) Must be sooooo exciting!

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