Thats my boy Lennox - just the TOP dog to me. Nothing more to say today ;)



This is how our break looks at dogument, "our"? Well, the break for our dogs! They will play and romp around all of the time, to recharge their batteries for the strenuous workout afterwards called training. We love our training time at Hamburg, super informative, super-exciting, super-tough, and ... we always look forward to next time! dogument - you rock!



Social partners, thats what you call the lifestyle of Lennox and Hancock biological correct. ;) A way to dry word for so much communication, interaction and discussion as it happens between those two. Still, I must say - to have more than one dog is entertainment, fun, challenging, interesting, and for me just right! ;)


"Seahorse ;)"

Hancock is the swimmer in the family;) Lennox is also a water rat, but not nearly as fond of the liquid wet as Little Red ;). Hancocks swimming style is really worth seeing ... whether known or unknown waters, as soon as he sees water, he will take off towards it. He will jump right into it head first, will disappear --- turn up again, first paddle with his front paws wildly and ONLY, consequence-he goes back underwater again ...;) On the way back to shore he finally will kick in the back legs to swim too ;) - Distraction guy! ;)

Woody Woodpecker

"Woody Woodpecker"

But not only in the water, our red Catahoula feels good ... no, the undergrowth in the forests around Munich are just his thing also. There he can sniff, dig ... read the newspaper, and say "Hello" to some of the forest dwellers every now and then ;) Just the field hamster yesterday morning ... was a bit much for Hancock - even suspicious ... it just sneaked through his paws unasked ;) Blasphemy!

Fly guy

"Fly guy ;)"

Thats Lennox - very rare occasions this dogs jumps so elegantly from the right to the left through the meadow, like a young deer;). So very not the "steamroller" that you normally see ;) Sometimes he can be flat-footed as a fairy! He is just a very versatile dog our great grey ;)!

Wanna dance?

"Wanna dance?"

dogument is not all about training, no, you can find new friends too ... two legged and other dogs. And in Ira, Lennox has really taken a fancy. These giant schnauzer dog has just done it! ;) Thoses two are incredible together, other dogs will not have a split chance as long as Ira is close - just seen and liked! Wonderful;)

Catahoula Mansion

Security ;)

No one comes into our yard without being asked - well at least not since Lennox and Hancock have taken over the "guard". ;) Even the postman (the two like very much), is very keen on ringing the doorbell before entering the property. Must be their appearance! I can probably not call my perception objective. For me, the guys are always more cute little pups than the strong dogs that they are for most other people! ;)

Bye Bye Natas

Bye Bye Natas

Lennox and Hugo, Hancock and Natas .... these dogs were real friends. Sometimes it's not nice when a story is repeated. As it was with Hugo, although Natas had to be placed in a new home. Gone are the walks around Munich. The only comfort that we have is that Natas now lives at a great new home with one of my colleagues of dogument, and we see him once a month. ;) Take care of yourself little guy, we'll miss you here;)


Fun times!

From time to time its enough with work and training .... then only one thing really counts and stands in the foreground .... FUN! ;) Just being "only" a dog, to be with other dogs, play, romp, bullie and sometimes fight ..... life as it can be! ;)

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