Annie - One phenomenal Catahoula

"Annie - July, 29, 1998 - April, 28, 2010"

"Annie saw her world as an adventure to be lived everyday. She lived it well and was well loved." (Mary Langevin)

"Cat`s Cradle Annie truly was a very special Catahoula and has left a wonderful legacy of fabulous dogs. If there is a phrase describing Annie, to me it would be "Personality Plus"! The hole she will leave behind will never quite fill again, but to know that she had such a good life eases the pain. My heart goes out with her family.

I DO know how to learn something ;)

"A Geek for 5 Minutes"

"I can`t believe it - he did it!" That`s how I felt yesterday when Lennox did react to the "feed-whistle"! What a joy. To leave this little silly "frequency-whistle" behind and switch to the "buffalo horn whistle" did the job ;)! I could have thought of it myself. Having a little buffalo at home, you can`t work with a tiny shrinky "frequency-whistly thing" ;)! I nearly lost hope while I kept training whith that stuff! The only reaction that Lennox showed when he "heard" that whistle, was a funny headshake and a look that most likely meant something like "she can`t mean me by blowing this thing" ;)! While Franzi (Lennox little italian whippet friend) stood still in shock hearing that noise Lennox just prefered to ignore me. He`s just a complete different kind of "caliber" of a dog. Lennox, thank`s for this little moment of joy!

Like a Twister ;)


I really don`t know how Lennox does it! He can twist himself like a contortionist! Only looking at him while he is doing that, makes my bones hurt ;). If he does not have to move to watch something interesting, he just twists himself while lying on the ground. Even when other dogs pass by it`s no reason for him to get up, no, indeed he lets the others sniff all over him while he keeps staying that twisted on the ground! Just when HE is ready to get up - he get`s up (besides we call him - that`s a different story)! Well as long as Lennox keeps being "just" our little landshark we can live with that trait pretty good!

You have to be nice to the girls

"A real Gentleman!"

I don`T know if the hormons are already kicking in or if Lennox is "just" basicly so nice to the girls. If he is playing with other boys he is such a bully. Looking at them playing you can hardly say where the one puppy starts and the other one ends ;)! If one of the girls is offering him some playtime he changes completly! They are allowed to torture him in any way...he won`t growl or bite back at all! Let`s hope it`ll stay that way, than the way he behaves with other males I am sure we will run into trouble later on while his puberty ;)!

Shaping up ;)

"I start to look like a Dog!"

"Today I am 11,5 weeks old - and look at me, I start to look like a "real" dog already! At least my owners would like to believe that they get a rough idea now, how I will look like as an adult ;)." Hard to believe how fast a puppy develops into a dog. Lennox gained nearly two pounds of weight a week and he has doubled in size so far. His outside changed a lot already and his personality did as well! Although he got much more affectionate over the last couple of weeks, he also got much more self-confidence and is testing us every single day! Looking back at the last 3,5 weeks - that has been quite something, and we can`t wait to see what the future has stored for us. One thing is for sure - the time laying ahead of us will be extremely exciting! ;)

I have the stick - and you don`t

"Sharing? No Way!"

If you have seen the seagulls in the movie "Finding Nemo", you can imagine how Lennox behaviour looks like when it`s about sharing. "Mine, mine, mine!" These three words are the best way to describe how Lennox reacts with other dogs if they are all interested in the same thing - a stick - the probably most wanted and loved thing right now for Lennox! If he gets hold of a stick he is drawing circles for ages or starts to move like a cat of prey, just to prevent that his so loved playmates Franzi and Hugo get hold of this bloody stick ;)! If he would be able to stick his tongue out at them, I bet he would!

I am such a Clown ;o)

"A Real Clown!"

With Lennox around ìt`s never boring! The little man is a real clown! Every 5 minutes he comes up with something new ;o)! If he`s running around the corner like a flash with one of his long missed toys or he is sneaking up behind you and stealing your shoe while you are trying to put it on...he is always up for something silly and fun! Lennox is really something between Houdini and a contortionist. Exiting times ;o)!

Curious boy!

"Curious Boy!"

Somebody becomes very confident! It does not matter anymore which kind of dog we meet on our daily walks. If it`s a poodle or a Rottweiler, Lennox is not impressed easily anymore ... instead he becomes more and more corious! Even if his opposite reacts very stiff, Lennox slogan is "keep your Contenance and just act cool" ;o)! He surprises us every single day! Who would have thought that he would become so brave .... a couple of weeks ago he was a shy little furry something...and now he turns into a real go-getter! We will see where that ends!

Puppy play ;o)

"Puppy Play ;o)"

Tuesday and Saturday! These are the highlights of our week. On those days the whole Catahoula Clan is going to the puppy play. I can`t tell who does enjoy it more, Lennox or us ;o)! In both groups of puppys there are about 8 dogs now - that rocks! But don`t think we would just play - No, we are learning as well. And I have to say Lennox is doing a great Job...he took of slow, but now he turned into the "geek of the class" ;o)! It does not matter how exhausting Lennox can be - Dogtraining is just a lot of fun!

Ready to conquer the world ;o)

"Ready to conquer the world ;o)"

"My Kingdom!"...that`s Lennox outlook on life! Meanwhile he knows every single intersting spot in the "wood around the corner". And also every single dog from our neighborhood ;o). It`s not easy anymore to keep him entertained and show him something new on our daily walks. How good that we are already in the middle of obedience training! So now, every single walk partly turns into a obedience lesson for Lennox...that works great, and the big guys are amazed! And Lennox does need the training, as however cute he might be now, we see "the heart of a lion" beating in his chest! That needs some control, otherwise Lennox the Conqueror will turn into Lennox the Dictator, and we surely don`t want that!

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