Hunting Games!

"Hunting Games!"

No matter what the weather is like - if there's something that my Catahoulas really love, it's the cat and mouse game! They alternate the roles of "hunter" and "hunted" gladly from time to time. They will fullfill wild hooks, flips - somersaults and so on... over fields or trough the woods, in one word, the wilder the better! They are just two real guys, the grey one and the little red one! ;)

Scenery ;)

"Scenery ;)"

If Lennox can sneak away from the little red devil for a few seconds (or even minutes) he enjoys pure peace! So he will just rest properly and stand there stoic to stare into the distance and keep an eye out for interesting things. For sure, the time of peace wont last long, but that is just the pain of a "big" brother. ;) Either Lennox has to look after things if Hancock again bullys around a strange dog and get beaten up - so Lennox has to sort out that situation for him or, Hancock plunges with a roar on top of Lennox and hangs happily in his neck, or his lips. I could swear that Lennox skin has grown in size in these body areas;). Is just as you would have children, some things just leave a mark, or two ;)!

Quite the Pair

"Quite the Pair!"

May I introduce, my two bullies. Large and gray - small and red and a match made in heaven. A couple of months have passed now, and with complete justification I can say one thing, the two are a dream team (or Masters of disaster - that depends on the situation). They pretty much share everything except for the food that goes without saying;)! Yes they are real men who do not share food! Who may have grown up with brothers can confirm this I am sure! ;) I'm curious how it will go on with these two. I would not like to miss them in my life!

Mr Hancock

"Mr Hancock"

There he is, our young man - already looks pretty handsome for his tender age. A real Canadian indeed. And although he is not quite sure yet that he wants to be a real Outdoordog - he doesnt really like the cold weather at the moment, he probably would be more of a "Inside kinda guy" - he really enjoys to play with the other dogs. But this is just the mentality of the little red, probably landed in the wrong household. ;) Since he is growing rapidly, he has to bite his teeth and get used to the clima in Europe;). Would be ridiculous if he wont grow one handsome Catahoulamale! ;)



Attaaaaaaaack! ;) So this will happen at least 10 times on each walk. It will go like this: lurking - crawling - and then sprinting towards the "victim" ... "after me only desaster";). Hancock is still not sure if he should find this kind of game very appealing ;). No wonder it always ends the same way - usually with the fact that Hancock is chased over several 100 meters across the fields. The little one can be dropped down but wont back down, after a rollover he will be directly on top again and go after Lennox. Somehow you have to get used to this sight. Boys will just be boys - forever! ;)

Lookout spot

"Lookout Spot ;)"

Lennox is such a charmer ... all the ladies of the group may use his back as a smooth and useful view point! Males of course is this kind of pleasure denied forever. ;) Although there are times when Hancock tries to do the same as all the females... this little reddish one is is just simple risk-taker! ;) We'll see how long Lennox can exercise patience there. Hancock can be so annoying from time to time? But Lennox is like (almost) always, the patience himself!



Well, if this is not Hancock's best playmate - Natas (Portuguese icing), who`s owners found him during honeymoon in a garbage can, nursed and rescued him and brought him to Germany. It took a couple of weeks, but since the ice is broken, nothing can stop this two! ;) Finally, somebody to play with, same age, it was definately about time! ;)

Greyish Monster ;o)

Greyish Monster ;o)

May I introduce - "Big Brother" Lennox. ;) Hard to believe that we have collected this muscleman over two years ago from the breeder. My goodness, he was such a little bubble car! ;) And look what he turned into. Most people who meet him the first time and do not know Lennox, not necessarily feel the need to smooch him, at least (the reason must be the blue eyes), at first glance - strange as he still feels like a bubble car to me. A large, gray, furry bubble car - just my best friend! I love my big greyish one! ;)

Stand together!

Stand together! ;)

The dog - a social being! Dogs communicate as varied as we humans do, but mostly we do not get most of their communication all of the time. We usually only recognise what meets our eye directly - like all "spectacular" things, such as growling, barking, biting. Most other socionegative or sociopositive social gestures, such as just "stand together" - most dog owners miss. Such a pitty, because this very unspectacular way of communication, it is that bounds a social group of dogs, and to look at it is incredibly exciting! Just a little plea for "Look at your dogs"!

Where is everybody?

Where is everybody?

There he is Mr Hancock, all alone on a lonely ;)! (Lennox once has actually managed to sneak himself away unnoticed) pure desperation - without the greyish one, Hancock does not feel to great. There you can see how far the bond between the two boys already grew, even they are two unneutered male dogs! Let's see how this all will develop further! ;)

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