`The early bird catches the worm`! Even in the wintertime. ;) If you are all alone with the dogs, walking early in the morning, often you are the first to trudge through the snow of last night ... that's something almost meditative. Since it makes just a little difference how cold it is - when the sun comes out, this is the perfect way to start a day! After such a trip, the dogs are balanced, and all the people are really happy. What a life! ;)

Pawprint ;)

"Pawprint ;)"

Its amazing what you can discover when you walk the same route on two separate days - especially if its a little-frequented route. It was an icy cold morning and behold - we came across a conserved paw print of Lennox from the previous day. On this special occasion I even had to take off the gloves at -20 degrees, pull the iphone out and get prepared to shoot some pictures of it. For as a preservative in ice and cold by then, it's fast transient;).

Lennox having a look

"Look out!"

"A deer jumps up a deer jumps far, what else should it do it has plenty of time to do such things! ;)" This is what happened this morning ... and not just one deer, no three of it. A Capital-buck in front and then two girls behind him. Lennox did a fantastic job and did not move one feet to go after the deer, but ... he was quite tense looking at the deer, but that was cool with us as long as he did not move a meter away from us ..and at least a few very nice pictures came out of the whole situation ;)! Lennox has experienced something really exciting that day, and that was our pleasure!

Mr Hancock

"Mr Hancock"

But not only the great gray loves the winter, no, also the little red one is blown away completely, at least if its not colder then -10 degrees. In this case Hancock has to wear his special Hurta winter coat.:) Mind yourself, like all babies, he is partly not overly excited to wear this and tries every day to get away from the "put-on-ritual", but as we stand firm he really has no choice ... because we can really do without all the puppie illnesses this time of the year. And let's be honest, he looks just really stylish in his winter suit ;).

The two Catahoula Boys

"The two Catahoula Boys!"

There they are our two Catahoula boys - Hancock has gained in size and weight already enormous and it will certainly not to be too long until he has obtained Lennox ;)! The time will tell. The two of them have become an established team already, they commonly roam through the woods, eat and sleep. It could hardly be better! We are happy with our two bullies and look forward to the coming years with the two of them. This will be something for sure!

Mighty Mr Hancock

"Mighty Mr Hancock"

A few more days, then Hancock celebrates its five-month birthday;) So if there is such a thing at all! The young man did grow like a weed! 55cm shoulder height and 23 kg of body weight .. mad, I can not remember that Lennox had at this weight and size that age. Sometimes we ask ourselves where Hancock would like to grow to, whether he knows that he is not a Great Dane? ;) Either way, we are excited, and watch him grow with joy. It was definitely the right decision to bring him into our home! ;)



The winter landscape and Lennox, those two are such a dream team;)! He could spend hours romping through the snow, curl up, jump, slide, rub and rub and rub ... bite into the snow .. snowflake chasing etc, etc! That's just his weather. If it were up to Lennox, then the -10 degree temperature would be feel-good temperature for everybody, in his eyes summer is totally overrated and unnecessary. As well, all of us are lucky that Lennox is not the weather god;).

Quite the pair ;o)

Dream Team! ;)

Well if that's not true love, what is it then ;)! The two boys are so fused together - something that is really scary now and than already;)! No matter how bully like they sometimes behave during the day ... as soon as everything settles down, they will be snuggled up! Whether if its in the office, a restaurant, the exercise room, the car or in their own home. Those two just love each other! We are pleased the two are just a real dream team!

Lennox on guard

Lennox - watch out! ;)

Although Lennox now and then runs through life as if he could not melt butter, he misses nothing! Whether a crack in bushes, a car that runs on the property and does not belong to us, or strangers on the property. The great gray is always on guard, while not a barker. He lets everyone onto the land, but no one is allowed to leave, at least not without official permission. ;) Very nice if you live in the middle of nowhere. With an adult Catahoula (and one dwarf who has still to do some growing) on the property you are on the safe side ;).

Good times

Let the good times roll!

These creatures have such a life, Dogs will be dogs! Every day they are out and about for hours and hours to come; always in a pack .... every day there are other dogs, paths and trails that have to be discovered and explored. They have no idea of stressful office life, everyday worries and Co, something our four-legged friends have not to worry about. No wonder that it is so easy for them to enjoy life ;). Just sniff, eat, sleep, play, minor or major tussles from time to clarify the pack order. What a life, as smooth as every man would be jealous!

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