It`s coming so soon that Lennox will be two years old already! It`s crazy how fast time flies. To me it seems almost like yesterday when we have picked up the little rascal at his breeders place. But maybe that's just like in real life, as more entertaining encounter is, as faster time flies. I almost feel a little bit emotional ;) But hey, its not like the young man is about to turn ten, indeed he will only be two and I'm sure there a lots and lots of interesting and exciting times ahead of us. No longer just for the two ... but for the three of us! Way to go ...! ;)

Hancock himself ;)

"Simply Hancock ;)"

What can I say, for our youngest member of the pack, his name says it all ;) So far the only thing he does not do is drinking ... not (yet) anyway ... But as I have just said, he is still small! But what a little devil! First and foremost he is cocky most of the times, yet - yes he is super smart, and physically quite blunt,.... the setup for a perfect hunting dog, and as one might expect a whole new challenge for us humans. Despite Lennox and Hancock are the same race, they are so different in personalities .. the little reddish one is very much more serious and much less a clown like the big grey clown. Still that young as he is, even now he has a real standing with other dogs. This is Mr Hancock ... he already knows exactly what he wants and what not! ;)

Dream Team

"Dream Team"

But now I must (again) break a lance for the Great Grey in the house ... because of "whether Lennox will probably accept the little puppy talk that was going on before we got Hancock" - from the first second on there has not been one "bad" moment between the two of them. Hancock loves Lennox (sometimes more than us), and the bigger Hancock becomes the more Lennox finds him funny. Typical guy ... with Babies you simply just cant do a thing ;) It's nice to see that the two of them already have conntected that well and such a strong bond, and we are all in for the pro's and con's that can and will take place with precisely this combination and group dynamic ;) This will be an exciting time ...

Happy times

"Happy Times"

The pack - there is nothing more beautiful then this walks for Lennox ... ! Mr Hancock by now, isnt really convinced about this whole walking thing. To him, all these walks mean is that his big bro` has no time for him anymore, which of course sucks! Other dogs are totally unnecessary and rather annoying in Hancocks eyes. As for the younger siblings its always the same... if the friends are in, you are not a part of the party! :). But chin up you little red monster ... the time works for you, and soon you will belong to the grown ups ... then you will again more attention again ;) Keep going and growing ...

Ugly duckling

"Butt up!"

Are all disagreements managed and settled, no females, deers or foreign dogs in sight ... then there is only one things to do for Lennox .... digging and digging as there was no tomorrow. What a luck that now the meadows are mowed and plowed all over ... so there is not much harm that can be done when a 80lbs Catahoula is on his way to dig a path straight to the center of the earth ;). He was granted all the fun, because until we get home he always finds a way to get himself clean again ;)



Group dynamics ... there we've already got a good example. Hancock can now occasionally get carried away by playing with another dog, which is not Lennox. However, it can also happen that he gets a little beating, which for sure does not do him or his personality any harm :). But mind you, if Lennox hears Hancock squeek somewhere he will come running towards the "crime scene" like there was no tomorrow ... and he will distribute a group leaders announcement at its finest. True to the motto ... "if somebody bashed the little brat, I'm that and not one of you." So its definately true, there is true love but only among men, especially if they live in the same household ... oh dear! ;)

Hancock in the snow

"Snowy Hancock"

Its two days before Christmas and the winter is finally here, and look at that...even Hancock is starting to like the cold wet white something, although still not as much as all the other members of the pack ;) But the winter will return next years ... and until then its still lots of time to grow for the little red dwarf and to put some more muscles and flesh on his bones, which will keep him warm. And at least then he will have fun times in the snow without this ridiculous coat. (for which the rest of the pack probably already slagged him off more than once, especially because they can pull him around so well in it) ;)

Boys will be Boys ;o)

Boys will be Boys!

What can I say - Hancock is now not yet 4 months old, barely 2 months in his new home and every day there is so much new stuff to discover! And because of that at the end of each day he is quite "broken" and will collapse in his bed under all of the whole impressions that "hit" him every day. Lucky Hancock that there is his big bro` Lennox. Who gives him security and a fix reference point, in addition to his humans. No matter how wild his dreams will be, to be near Lennox surely helps (and makes the young man now and then quite a megalomaniac). It's nice to see that the two grow together so well!
Lennox out and about

Lennox out and about!

Like all older "siblings", Lennox also just needs a break from time to time. So we go on the road on our own! Then he can roam through fields, meadows and forests ... all alone with just his humans. You can tell how much he really enjoys these times. He will sniff around, do some trailing and everything else that makes so much more fun WITHOUT the little red devil ;). Since it is much fun to be on his own from time to time, its not hard for Lennox to get back to an overly friendly welcome to Hancock when we get home, after all, he really loves his little brother! And with a few quality hours on his own in his back and fueled energy he can be even more patient with the little one. The only question is ... when will we get such a break ?? ;)

The Pack

The pack!

Two Catahoulas, two beagle, a terrier, two Spanish half-breeds, a Shar-Pei and a Belgian Malinois mix, that was how today's pack looked like . To clarify the respective walk-Hirachy will take a few minutes everytime we go for a walk. There will be growling, quarreling, and pushing ... until all of them fought for and accepted the final packorder. Then all of them can really get going with the pack walk! They will sniff together, browse and play well together .... hunting would be high on the list too, only the stupid humans (which to the chagrin of the dogs are also part of the party) do something against it. Crap - but who knows, maybe next time the hunting thing will work (if no one looks)!

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