I am walking ;)

"I am walking ;)"

5.45am the alarm clock will go off, two-and four-legged friends will get breakfast, the two-legged will jump in the shower and then everything is set to leave the house! On long tours over meadows and fields around Munich! Between 3-4 hours we are on the road every day and enjoy the first autumn sunshine. No person in sight ... only the dogs, the sunrise and myself. Just a pitty that the well deserved deep sleep after all these adventures is reserved for the dogs, while the human has to earn the money! Sometimes I just wish I could live such a dogs life;)



Two times a week it`s trailing time for Lennox! In our daily routine we have not enough time left for mantrailing at the moment, unfortunately! But 1 hour for trailing is always available. In the moment Lennox discovers his trailing mates in the distance on the fields there will be rumble in the jungle in the back of the car! Once the gear appears in front of his nose its hard to keep our Leopard calm. He trails as he would run on rails! Always fascinating to watch him doing his thing! Nose work simply rocks! ;)

Funny little dance ;)!

"May I ask for a dance?"

Oh my .. Lennox was so much in Love today! The girl Luna was his choice ;). Her heat just ended and today (apparently) she still smelled very very good. At least to Lennox nose! He was very excited. Presented himself, as he would be a young Greek god and he did everything to convince Luna ... that today, just now, just at that place and in this moment would be the absolute ideal time to start a family! What can I say, it did not work! On the contrary .. for his intrusive nature, our young man has collected a hole in the jaw. Well Lennox, another lesson learned ...."sexual frustration"! But to comfort you, with this problem you are surely not alone on the planet! ;)

Having a run!

"Having a run!"

No walk will be boring. Not if Lennox is part of the pack! I can not tell you how much our Leopard enjoys the daily "strolls" in and around Munich. The more dogs are in the picture, the better it is for Lennox! With his buddies he is raging, and scuffling and is going on plenty of discovery tours ... with his female buddies he is all playfull and will run like crazy. Therefore, in Lennox daily life, virtually everything is present a males Dog Heart could wish for. And that's why he is so deeply relaxed in everyday life ... no reason to test himself out a "private walk" with stranger male dogs. Such a relaxed life for me, his owner, still hard to believe;)


"One-dimensional ;)"

Males are indeed so much one-dimensional! Everything revolves around two things in their life! Food and sex! Well, you could speak of two-dimensional, with good will! If they dont feed, they sleep ... or try to reproduce ... Oops ... sleep ... another very important part of Lennox life. I see, .. males are almost three dimensional. And yet they remain in their usually very predictable manner very funny, charming and entertaining ... (almost as much as their two-legged colleagues)! ;)


"Poser ;)"

This is Lennox is how he lives and breathes! As he was winning his first CACIB Title, became Best of Breed and also got his youth national championship title awarded to him that day .... Lennox totally did not care ;) Sure, he's a dog ... and apart from all the other un-neutered males .. females that were close to the heat and a few pats of the judge during the evaluation ... this whole "hullabaloo" totally missed Lennox attention OR did him get any excited. That is actually what makes him so likeable ;)

Addition to the family

"Addition to the family ;)"

For all of you who missed the revised "name conditions" on our website so far, we are about to get a new addition to the family ;). Hancock is the name of the little "Red" thingy that will be a part of our family from November on. And he will be the new companion to our big "grey" boy Lennox ;). We look forward to the exciting times with our North American and will certainly be busy shooting pictures and write entries as soon as the ... "every 2.5 hours," get up and bring him outside procedure will have stopped ;) Puppies, so they can be, so tiring can they may as well ;).

Spoil the fun ;o)

"Spoiling the fun ;)"

"Who believes that I have a relaxed 08/15 dog's life, is totally wrong! Because somehow my people probably think I'm some kind of a workaholic ;). I have a 5 day work week ... sometimes I even have to work weekends and run overhead time. As it is required of me to participate in courses, like mantrailing, where I have to track people who are hiding in silly places and bring happiness to my people. ;) Or they use me as a flagship dog for tracking and retrieving ... or even worse: I will have to share my car, my home and my office with unneutered male dogs without giving them some grief!! Can you believe it??! My humans just expect me to accept them?! Humans just spoil the fun for us dogs...for sure .. ";)


"Fun times ;)"

"But well, I'll tell you, not all of my working days are "so" stressful ... not every day in the life as a working dog is packed with work (same as with humans I guess). There are also days where the fun is in the foreground .... where we romp in the pack and can also fight. Days when wild playing is top of the pops! With dogs and other people ... just great company. At some point I heard one of the humans saying something like, "he wont really grow up will he?". Whether this statement will even bring more freedom for me ? These would be even more fun times! "



Tick ​​tock .... tick tock! Not long anymore, and our young man moves in with us. 5kg he did weigh with the age of five and a half weeks on the scale. A real chunk he is, the little red one. Let's see if his, and if he will ever reach his statistics ;). This is an exciting time and we look forward to the weeks in Canada ... with friends, many dogs and the Catahoula puppies. We'll see you in 2 weeks, then with two four-legged friends;)

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