Me and my li`ll sis` ;)

"Me and my li`ll sis` ;)"

Our young fellow is fit again! Finally! The enforced break .. 10 days were no fun for nobody involved but at least "what lasted that long - turned into something good" in this case anyway ;)! Now, Lennox is able to roam the green areas in and around Munich again. Unfortunately, without his little sister Kara, who we met just before the "glass accident" happened, at an event. Hard to miss that those two are siblings! And not just visually they quite look alike, no, also their behavior is quite the same in many situations ... you can see, "those two are related";) Unfortunately, Kara is 500km away, otherwise we would meet up more often. "So, until next time, li`ll Sis!" o)

Our new fav walking spot

"New favourite spot"

In some moments, you just got lucky! As it happened just lately during one of our morning walks! As we were just walking through the the forest, not knowing what else to do, we turned right to have a closer look at a huge old oak a few meters away from the path. While standing there and looking around us, there was a shine through the bushes on a clearing not far away. So just along the way and almost at a pure coincidence Lennox and myself discovered a beautiful spot in the woods between Munich and Starnberg. Bloody hell ;)! Well, along with Lennox I have to say, thats our new favorite place to be! Just to relax and escape for a while from the big city madness. Great! ;)

A visitor in the office ;)!

"Visitor in the Office ;)!"

Lennox could hardly believe his eyes - Hugo was about to visit him in the office! That was a surprise and such a blast! As hard as it was for the boys they had to confine their game to a minimum. Work (times) are just no fun (times), that also goes for the dogs! After a brief hour together with Hugo they had to say goodbye - great pain of separation on both sides. But we're pretty sure it was not Hugo's last visit to our office! ;)


"Backpack :)"

Tell me again that a dog would not know how to make life easier;) Why would you run all by yourself if you could have the joy of being a "backback" for a while - and just take a ride. Exceptionally, this time Hugo was the pack mule, usually Lennox must do this job! At least I`d like to remember so ;) What a sight ... after a few meters, our Leopard had to run by himself again. At some point, even Mr.Hugo does not like to be a pack mule anymore! ;)

Splish Splash

"Splish Splash!"

Walking shoes - check! Backpack with picnic - Check! Not forget the Dog - check! This can only mean one thing - we are going for a hike in Icking ;) With a pack of ten dogs! Lennox could hardly believe he is so lucky. No sooner said than done - 5 hours the dogs and us were traveling! Under blue sky and with lots and lots of sunshine. Just Bavarian glorious weather! At the end of the round all of us were happy and really satisfied! The dogs fell happily asleep in their baskets, and only the two-legged friends still had to spend a few hours in the office! :) What a dog's life!


"Lennox Pack ;)"

Pack walks are pure bliss for Lennox! For our leopard, other dogs are just "EVERYTHING";) For Lennox it really fairly does not matter who or what is with on the road, there is always someone to Lennox liking ;). Main thing is - to play - jump - and rage! For ongoing hours (which is the best part). One thing is for sure, Lennox would have absolutely nothing against another dogs company ... as a real "dog dog, " he clearly places more value to four-legged then two-legged company ;)! Whether he loves us? But Hello! Although we have only two legs, we are more than sure about that;)

I dont only retrieve toys ;)!

"Uiuiui ;)"

Ever heard the word "Kommentfight"? No? Today we have seen and experienced such a mature Kommentfight. It was not the first and certainly not the last one! In the daily life of dogs, male or female, such show struggles/fights are part of their daily life. It`s a shame most of the owners just dont understand whats happening right in front of their eyes, and not seldom, cause an escalation through their (well-intentioned) interventions. Thus human interventions are to blame for any missed or suffered holes of their four-legged friends. Granted, to see such a show struggle will cause the pulse to take up pace quite a bit, but it is important to stay calm, observe the situation, move away quietly and retriev the own dog (therefore the dog must of course first be retrievable). Then such situations will mostly be resolved without any harsh damage being done, in most cases anyway. Just been nothing other than a dogs communication ;). Just remember, dogs communicate very differently than humans ;)!

Sticking out my tongue ;o)

"My girl! ;)"

Even if this is totally unrealistic, I would like to imagine Lennox dreams just of one girl at the moment, his girl Amba! A Spanish beauty, just about 2 years old, neutered and Lennox is not very happy about that ;o)! Even a (dog) man can not have it all. When these two meet then there is trouble ... at the Isar, in the English Garden ... and even the Leopoldstreet would not be save from them, if no cars would drive on it ;). In other words - our Catahoula has only eyes for Amba (at least, unless she is out of his sight)! ;)

A fine looking Trio

"A fine looking Trio"

How times change! Hugo, Lennox best best mate since childhood, is looking for a new home! As an interim solution, he moved in with us for a while. The two have such fun together, it is a delight to watch them and at the same time quite sad to know that the two rascals maybe not see each other again, especially if Hugo's new home might not be in Munich. "Sometimes life just sucks!"

Catahoula & Cornfield

"Catahoula & Cornfield"

There he is, my boy - as he lives and breathes;) I must say, sometimes Lennox is just bubbling over with "joi de vivre" so much, even I feel like squeaking, of course, out of sheer luck! ;) Alone, while watching him as he is roaming around through the woods and over the fields, is pure relaxation. May well be that any "non-dog owners" reading these lines, are feeling like telling me I am inseane - but it's true ... the fresh air, tranquility and the distance from the hectic everyday Munich office ... everything is just WONDERFUL - at least for me;)

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