Speedy Gonzales - Leopard Style ;)

"Leopard Style ;)"

Even dogs are picky! And especially Lennox can be a real little snob, an asshole per Exellance! He certainly does not play or speak with everybody ;o). He definately likes to chose well! What does not stand our young man right to his nose, is punished with deft disregard (or at worst, marked by Lennox) ;o). Preferred playing partners are hunting breeds ... whether big or small ... that just plays a minor role in Lennox life. He is looking for racing - and hunting partner`s ;). Poodles are somehow completely ignored by him, period - all kind of "ditched-nose-dogs" seem to be amusing, but thats about it - all kind of Terriers are Lennox personal nightmare, and the greyhound breeds are mostly to pushy for our leopard! Yes, I know, you would not believe it ... even to our little buffalo, other dogs can be to pushy sometimes ;o)! It`s just that not every other dog is right to Lennox liking. As the saying goes ... "like Master - like Beast " ;o).

Muddy gritty thing ;o)

"Pile of Sh... ;o)"

What a morning! What a day! Today Lennox really managed to mess up my day early in the morning! I just thought I am going to make a long extended walk with him on the Isar, the four-legged friend should be happy about it! And indeed he was, especially at the moment, as Lennox and Hugo found a pile of human shit somewhere in the bushes! Hugo just took a mouthfull right away (yummy), while Lennox took the chance of the moment as he recognized that rolling in it would provide the perfect doggy style camouflage. He came out of the bushes and was full of shit... from head to toe, tip of nose to tip of tail. It is needless to say that I wasnt very pleased ... as this brown-stained thing ran towards me enthusiastically! After all, we had to go to the office afterwards! And I just could imagine how much our presence would be honored in this state. Only too well I could imagine the delighted faces of my colleagues (not to mention their very noses) if I would show up with dirty Lennox in the office! So I had no choice ... had to put down shoes, socks, and get the pants rolled up and jump in the Isar together with our leopard (unfortunately not yet heated up to summer temperature)! I washed him, and tried to get him somehow clean. The everyday joys of a dog owner! At least I know I am sure with not alone with situations like this :o)!

Now I am an International Youth Champion ;)!

"International Youth Champion"

Today, there was a surprise in the mail! Lennox first championship! Not that he would be interested in such an "honor" to begin with - but, we were quite excited :o)! After Lennox has won three titles under three different judges - we have lost a few nerves and gathered lots of experiences, all of us have somehow "earned" it (probably) ;o). Exhibitions will probably never be our best discipline, but you have to experience this atmosphere. Otherwise you could never talk about it - and after all even we human beings, are social beings ;o).

Me and Schnecke - my new girlfriend

"Schnecke and I :)"

Our leopard (the little charmer) has not only girlfriends in Munich and around his block, oh no - even at the Ammersee, he is starting to break hearts ;o)! During the photo shoot with Sabine, we have met one of her other "dog-models"! Schnecke, a Husky mix! Lennox was so excited- as usual (no different whenever he meets a female), it was no hard job for Schnecke to impress him, and he surely was convinced she must have been the most beautiful thing he had ever seen, and probably will ever see! Men, two or four legs, hormones just rule their world! ;o)

Big Boy ;)

"Big Boy!"

I know - I repeat myself - you should forgive me - but sometimes it hits me like a hammer! Lennox grew! And how much he has grown! It seems like yesterday that he was so small and cute, and what has he turned into! A muscle-bound monster with a huge broad skull, a bull neck and a chest even our last Doberman with 4 years would not have quite matched! ;o) I must always remember myself, "Lennox is just 1 years old - there is still something else to come!" Only, I'm not sure if I can also look forward to it ;o)! Although, for me, Lennox always will be the little gray cutiepie ;o) ...

I am soooo lovesick!

"Lovesick ;)"

Oh my, oh my ....! Spring is here! Probably a good time for many females to come into heat ;). What does this mean for us? No more quiet nights! Because, Lennox is lovesick! And how! Our Leopard seems to be "contaminated" somehow ;o). He will be stuck to each and every single blade of grass, a bitch in heat honored with her presence. Girls in general will be examined much more closely than ever, and buddies will just be buddies as long as there is no lady around! The saying "bros before hoes" does definately not go for dogs :o)! There is only one thing on Lennox mind ... La `mour! Let's see how long it takes for Lennox to adjust his all-night-long-singing, and when all of us can go back to normal life again :o)!

I dont only retrieve toys ;)!

"Apport ;)"

Lennox latest hobby - retrieving. Granted, we did not make it very hard for him in the beginning using a food bag. As even for our little pubescent guy - a food bag was definately worthwhile retrieving ;). The thing with the food bag he got within 5 minutes and been doing it since then perfectly. Sticks, balls or other objects - that was a bit more difficult. But now also this works quite well, and Lennox likes to concentrate on that stuff. After all, playing with his own people is as interesting for him as a treat! Such luck we had ;)!

Sticking out my tongue ;o)

"Bleeh! ;)"

On Lennox, a small actor has been lost! And a murderous moderate manipulator! Whether in the subway, bus, in the park or on the street. Our pubescent Leopard is always looking for a victim / audience...depending on what he is up doing. If he is bored, he will guaranteed manage to convince a passerby to give him some of his valuable time and to pay particular attention;) It is not uncommon for business men in expensive suits to kneel on the floor, while Lennox is laying next to their feet, and they give my dog a spa treatment per exellance. Or, as has happened this morning, a small group of ticket inspectors - that really forgot all about checking tickets- because of Lennox ;) Our boy is and always will be a real "entertainer"! o)

Blue eyed Devil

"Blue eyed Devil"

Indeed that is our Leopard as he lives - some love him, others dont. Lennox polarized, so to speak;) Some can not get enough of his eyes, his nature and rave about the optics of course ... the others may nearly have a heart attack when he is only about to run in their direction ;). For some people, Lennox is probably less "the most beautiful creature on this earth"- as more like something as "a blue-eyed devil!" ;)

My prey

"Out of Order"

"The shambles were to blame!" In fact, it all started with a stroll along the Isar River, a round through the bushes, and it ended in a pile of blood - and with a split paw! Now, Lennox got prescribed bed rest, for abut 10 days! He is only allowed to walk on a leash, no rage, no running, no playing! A real disaster for Lennox, and certainly for us. As having to keep Lennox in the house for about 10 days without large movement that can give you something ;) (grief I guess)! He will just turn into an intolerable "Macho"! "God help us! ;o)

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