Think big ;)

"Think big!"

Lennox sometimes suffers from delusions of grandeur ;) Not only if it`s about his toys or stick`s he finds on our daily walks! Our leopard "thinks" in much bigger dimensions! It does not matter if it`s about food, toys or playing, digging or hoax he is having in mind....small potatoes don`t do the job for Lennox ;)!

Behind bars! ;o)

"Behind bars! ;o)"

Look at those two! They look as they would like to say "Hey you, why did you do this to us! Such a huge disrespectfulness". Yes, the humans decided to leave the dogs in the garden for once, while we were having delicious coffee and cake inside! What an impertinence ;)! So they were sitting in the garden, like convicts in prison! Lennox did not accept this feeling for a long time and decided quickly to jump on the gardentable and sit there so he could have a very close look on our plates, while Hugo accompanied this scenery with a hauled (sunshine-) sonata. So us and them were quite even that afternoon! ;)

Dont mess with me!


The last two days have been quite exciting! It seems Lennox has made another personality step towards a grown male - because all of a sudden, other non fixed males dont like our little leopard so much anymore! Yesterday a Schnauzermix and a 180 lbs great Dane named Paul (well-known as troublemaker around the Isar) started Lennox going. Today it was a German hunting dog (although, those two have been nearly the same discussions between them are quite normal)! At least, all the dogs involved listened to their owners, and came back on callback. That`s the way it should be! Lennox did not back down once, a severe sign - he is growing up ;)!

Chilled Lennox!

"Chilled Lennox :)"

Lennox just the way he is - "no stress please"! Our leopard is the latest model dog, a "enery-saving-catahoula"! This dog won`t do anything, which in his (blue) eyes is not really necessary. So other people often think he is not capable of acting any other way - but they are wrong, so wrong. Indeed, Lennox can be fast as a fox...he can run and jump - you would not believe it! However, if in his opinion this high-enery-level behaviour is not needed he will not even move a claw! ;) One stubborn animal! ;)

My prey ;)


That`s himself, our bavarian leopard ;)! Usually Lennox ain`t really into "toy-prey" that much. But from time to time "it" gets him and he just has to "kill" something, even if it`s just a small band that he ripped of the sleeping bag ;)! His prey will have a hard time - he will shake it, bite it, drag it all over the place and will do all if it soooo proud! But even Lennox, our "only child", does not really enjoy this game if he has to play on his own. Our leopard wants to share the fun! So, us humans, we have to join the game ;)! Not always, but sometimes we step in and enjoy this prey-fever together with our boy Lennox ;o)!

My Kingdom!

"My Kingdom"

Oh Jesus! Lennox discovered the "all mine" feeling for himself! Our young fellow becomes quite possessive lately ;)! In his eyes "his" district is not only limited to his 3000qm Garden, oh no, in Lennox opinion also the Munich metro, the office, the Isar, the English Garden....and every other place he has been to more than once in his life, belongs to him ;)! So he is quite busy branding all these places! At least he is still easy to convince that he should share "his kingdom" with all the other Munich dogs! So far, so good ... ;o)


"Who is afraid of the black guy?"

Not Lennox! Since this morning that`s for sure! Not expecting anything bad we went for our morning walk today. Something either Lennox or we could know - the "circular-post-man" was on his way. Thickly mummed because of the cold weather he crossed our path. Very impertinent in Lennox eyes! And what a great danger! ;) Lennox grew immideately - probably more than a full meter ;) Head up, ears up, chest and tail up! With one word, he looked like - ATTENTION! ;). It was really hard to convince Lennox that this black guy does not mean any harm for our or his life ;). Our leopard proved once more, he is an exellent guard dog, even without the propper training ;)!

Gotta check what`s going on outside ;o)

"The window to the backyard!"

Never lose the overview! Even when Lennox is not in his garden setting his markings everywhere, he just has to keep an eye on all of his property! ;) Even if he can only do it by looking out of the living room window. Our spotted control freak just has to be up to date with whats going on around his block. The daily newspaper on the trees around the property surely is not enough for Lennox to be on top of things! ;) He is and always will be - "the king of the castle"! ;)

Flight of the Pigeon ;o)

"Flight of the Pigeon"

Almost it would have been her last one! Germany, 10 am, we went for a short walk around the office! As usual in the city the way to the park leads along a street. There are a number of parked cars (of course also quite usual in the city), and sometimes Lennox is really hard to convince that he cant just mark them as every second tree we come along ;)! It comes as it must, a pedestrian runs across the street, in between two cars and chases up a pigeon which was sitting in between those cars! And this thing flew directly in front of Lennox nose. One can only speculate - perhaps this pigeon was tired of her life, suicidal tendencies its called, I think;) Lennox and myself were both pretty surprised, but this time the leopard had the quicker reaction time than his humon on the other end of the leash. And only this leash ensured that the pigeon now is still alive (somewhere in the sky above Munich), instead of ending up as second breakfast in Lennox stomach! Because it held him back, so his Alligator jaws clapped together only slightly ahead of the pigeons tail feathers! Lucky pigeon I`d say, and Lennox disappointment was immens, I am sure you can imagine ;)! Let`s hope that this pigeon wont cross out path again ;)!

The mouse in the metro :)

"Mouse in the Subway"

Monday morning, 6 clock, at a station somewhere in the Munich subway. Few people, many sleepy faces, Lennox and I the middle of it. It will take a few minutes til the next subway will arrive, coffee to go in one hand, the morning roll from the bakery in the other. As usual, Lennox is bored (no attention, no petting, no action, no other dogs - that does not do the job for him). Comfortably he is sitting next to me and trying to persuade passer-by`s to pay attention to him by well-placed "looks and noises"! Bootlicker! :) Then, suddenly, something moves on the tracks - a mouse! What we probably miss day by day, was the sensation for Lennox himself! It would have taken him only a second to take a dive onto the tracks and run after the mouse. But as usual, the brake on the other end of the leach spoiled the fun for Lennox again. To have a look at the mouse - allowed - to commit suicide in front of a metro while hunting a mouse, surely not! Just one look in Lennox eyes said everything.. "That sucks!" ;)

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