Quite the pair ;)

"Firm as a rock"

"The more I see of men the more I like dogs. "

Madame de Staël

You gotta keep your cool! ;o)

"Keep your cool! ;o)"

Lennox loves the wintertime! If it would be up to him we could live in the cold for 12 month in a row, or immigrate to Newfoundland! Our leopard just loves to lay in the snow or to find some puddle full of ice to cool off his head and body while the Munich upper class dogs pass by...dressed in their stylish coats ;o)! What a sight! Especially Lennox "ice-diving" moments cause lots of excitement. "Ah", "Oh", "Isnt he cold?" If Lennox could speak he would probably say, "Hey! Dont you get it? I am just a real dog!"

Me having plenty of fun!

"Social life"

"Look at me! I love my life - and my friends!" Lennox is just doing great! He is still getting along with all females and males around the block ;). The project "socialisation" worked great. It does not matter if we are on our way around the English Garden or the Isar, Lennox just knows how to behave around other dogs, no injuries so far. There is no doubt, even Lennox gets beaten up from older males from time to time (even a few times during the week), but if it happens, it always happens for a reason - as even in the dogs society there is a rule system you have to obey! And Lennox still is a youngster, so he better behaves around the big guys ;o)! We are really happy that life with our leopard is so layed back. Lennox rocks, and we love him!

Big Boy!

"Just Lennox!"

Lennox did grow again! Just a little bit...but slowly I get uncomfortable ;)! Our young fellow is turning into a real man - and looking like a natural "born-snob"! On a daily basis he is trying to find his place beneath all the other intact males around the Isar and from day to day his "I am bigger then you game" is working better and better. Although to me Lennox still looks like the furry little pup we got month ago, he already is one impressive guy! Thank god that that even in his "biggest moments" he will eventually back down when the real big guys come along ;)!

Girlfriend ;)

"Girlfriend ;)"

This is Franzi - Lennox bench neighbour from puppy school! Regarding the size, quite a few things changed in the last couple of month - but the proportions are still the same ;)! Those two are quite a pair...the delicate italian greyhound and the buffalo Lennox. And just looking at them offers a gerat show to most passing by pedestrians! And even some of them might feel the urge to call a dog-emergency doctor, dont panic, Lennox loves Franzi...and the little diva is the boss in any case!

Sound guys!

"Flying Bulldozer ;)"

Lennox may not be a greyhound, but even he has his "airy" moments! His latest discovery regarding games and playing - Lennox focus on his target, picks up on speed, beats some checks, lifts up in the air and gives his opponent a "kiss" ! ;) Besides Hugo, nobody really "likes" this kind of game! Although, even Hugo does not look very found of it at this picture... ;o)

Strange Encounter!

"Strange encounter ;)"

There are some rumors that Catahoulas, especially intact Catahoula males, aren`t very sociable. I would not say so, every dog, no matter which breed, can be and act sociable. However socialisation of any dog will always also depend on it`s own special character. Some dog`s are easier then others and the other way around. And as nice as countrylife may be, regarding social interaction with other dogs a big city like Munich is perfect for this kind of challenge! With the dog overage here, its really hard for a dog not to act social with others, because they dont know it any other way - they kind of live in a a huge pack - with changing members every day. ;) Indeed, Lennox is a real rolemodel for social behaviour. Catahoulas are "just" dogs and they are no different regarding their social behaviour then any other canides on the planet! Period!

Happy Birthday Lennox! ;o)

"Happy Birthday Lennox!"

Wohooooooooo!! Finally! It`s Lennox Birthday today! Our leopard hit the 1 year mark! 12 month ago our goofy four legged friend came into this world. 8 weeks has he been old when we took him home with us, and since that day 10 month have passed. A real exciting, stressfull and sometimes also challenging time. But I would not have liked to miss one minute of it! ;o) Looking back it`s inseane how fast the last 10 month passed by. A huge "cheers" to Lennox and hopefully lots and lots of other days like this, that he may stay a big part of our lifes for a long time to come! ;)

Bavarian Youth Champion! ;o)

"Bavarian Youth Champion!"

The first show - a complete success. Lennox won his class und is now called Bavarian Youth Champion! With this title we were also qualified for "Best of show", with 21 other young males in one ring - I am telling you that was really exciting ;). The pulse of both of us raised quite a bit ;)! A great Dane became Best of show, and took this title home! Never mind, we never expected such a good result for our first show and we are really excited about it! We are so proud of our boy! He was so well behaved with all the other dogs around him. Lennox - you rock!!

Out and about :)

"Out and about"

If something is really important to Lennox, it would be his daily walks at the Isar or through the English Garden! On his way there, our leopard is even counting the metro stations ;)! And who thinks he would not be capable of "counting", does really underestimate this dog! Lennox knows the smell pattern of each and every metro station on our ways through the Munich underground...he even knows where we have to switch trains or get out. Then he will get up and walk to the door waiting for me, and all the other travellers will look really surprised! ;) Our leopard has his own metro shedule always with him, via his nose! ;) The miracle "dog"!

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