Outgoing ;)


Look at that! Lennox living and loving life! This young fellow is such a loving character ;o)! What an outgoing personality! So, even a Game-evening for humans turns into a Lennox-evening! I often thought - if I`d get one Euro every time Lennox gets some attention or compliments, I really could stop working ;o)! Shame it does not work this way ;o)! But who knows, maybe it will in the future...

That`s my boy! ;o)

"My boy! ;o)"

That`s him - the best piece in the house, my boy! If you like to say so, he is one of the constant parts in my life ;)! Lennox is really very present! He is always there! When I get up, in the office - when I am walking in any case, even at the evening he lays next to the bed, trying to look very decorating - at least once in a while! People who dont have a dog would not believe how much you can grow towards such an animal! One thing is for sure, Lennox is just the best (guy) ever! Although even dog trainers already stated, "that one as a man, no woman would wish for that" ;o)! I still love him lots, he is my boy!

Bye bye crown jewels!

"Crownjewels ;o)"

Hugo I feel for you ;o)! Today is the day! Hugo, Lennox best, really best best best playmate is going to lose his crownjewels! We are holding thumbs so Hugo won`t have to suffer a lot! 10 days no walks, no playing together - that will be really hard on both of them, especially on Lennox who will really miss the daily action! But I guess he will survive (he has no other choice) and how does an old german saying go "it all will be over and done with before they get married!" The first meet and greet after the Operation will be exiting, as Lennox (still) has a real thing for fixed males, especially if they are freshly fixed! So maybe I should hold thumbs for all of us!

I see you!

"I see you!"

With Lennox at your side you will be monitored permanently! Our leopard might be a good addition for the FBI! ;o) The young fellow knows all of us inside out, there really nothing you could hide from him! That`s not always very handy. In the meanwhile you really have to think about how to catch him red-handed! Tell me about it - "dogs are dumb"! That`s really something only people can think who dont have a dog - or got a stupid one. ;) There are some black sheeps everywhere, but surely Lennox isnt one of them! He is smart as a fox!

Choirboy ;)

"Choirboy ;)"

He can look so innocent hey?! But dont let him fool you - because Lennox is not innocent at all! ;) Even the respect he had for other intact males dropped a lot over the last couple of weeks. Just a few day ago, we met an intact Jack Russell Terrier at the Isar. "They both acted very important, very grown up - and of course played the who-is-the-biggest-gorilla-in-the-jungle-game"! And guess what happened in the next second? Lennox brought himself into the right position, lifted his leg and - YES pied the other male directly in the face! ;) Following the slogan, "if you can not take it serious - mark it at least". Oh boy - the very stylish Munich lady was buzzing with excitement (obviously not positive one), and we have been quite surprised! With Lennox you are just always in for some action!

Lennox 11 month old

"Dog Dog"

My "man", not even one year is he old and already such a big guy! Surely but slowly his life will become more serious! The upcomming month are packed with events. Shows, training, performance tests.... just plenty of fun ;)! Well, it really looks like puppy times are over now! Lennox made big jumps the last two month - he is acting much more mature and he got a bit calmer. Don`t get me wrong, he still is and can be a pure lighting-ball - but not all of the time anymore. If he will continue to develop this way, he will be bulletproof in the next two to three years! Just a mature layed back male!

I am a singstar!


Lately Lennox behaves like the correspondent playstation game! During the night he will place himself next to my bed and will start. Silently, not importunately ...but very perseveringly! Lennox sings! ;o) The whole scale, up and down and from the start again! You would not believe how long he can "sing" without taking a breath once! Two-legged opera stars would be envious! ;o) I have to admit, it`s not Carmina Burana I am listening to every night, but still its somehow sweet!

Crow attack! ;o)

"Crow attack!"

At the river, there you have to expect everything! ;o) Today Lennox wasnt really well liked by a crow, or lets say by a "pack" of crows! Maybe they thought he just did not keep enough distance. Sometimes I really wish I could read thoughts. There we were, walking along the Isar happily. Lennox was palying with Hugo, sniffing around, peeing on trees here and there ....everyday life. And there were a few crows, sitting on the field...Lennox and Hugo were running towards them, sniffing, looking - normal dogs. ;) The crows felt a bit disturbed I guess - and decided to take off. What should I say, the crows took off, the dogs stood there and watched them. Obviously this respectless behavious was to much for the crows and they decided to fly a quick and heavy attack at our two boys. ;o) Nobody was hurt on both sides, but it was quite entertaining to watch!

Odyssey in the Metro! ;o)

"Odyssey in the metro"

What a morning! Munich ain`t Berlin, but even our public transport does not always work the way it should! So there are days (like today) when travelling to the office does not take the usual 20 minutes, no it took me 1,5 hours instead. Lennox always by my side. And as we already know, being patient is not his strong side ;)! So one hour in the metro, was a very welcome training possibility - even it came completely unexpected! Lennox did perfect 90% of the time - only the last couple of minutes have been very hard on him, and after a few very "nicely" spoken words from a pedestrian, he just started flying...directly into this pedestrians very surprised arms! Halleluja!!

My pack :)

"The pack! :)"

Three boys and one girl - that`s our pack! At least the inner circle. Catahoula, vizla, galgo-mix and italian greyhound, this rare combination has been the reason for lots of exitement already! But these fantastic four are a fabulous team. There is a clear hirachy, and even Franzi is the smallest one she has full control over "her" guys! She really is a Diva, and the boys (Lennox at least 60 pounds heavier than her) will obey her will ;). But all of them love Franzi and protect her like hell ;)! You could call them - real men!

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