Optical compromise ;)

"Optical compromise!"

Lennox, that wasn`t love at first sight! He has been two days of age when I saw him for the first time! And this greyish-blue thing with the brown paw wasn`t really my kind of dog ;o)! But after a few weeks of waiting, his breeder told me that Lennox would be the kind of dog I was looking for, characterwise. So we found an optical compromise. I always was the kind of "black is beautiful" person - blue fur and blue eyes on top, that has never been my favourite. "And there was Lennox"! ;) Looking back from today I can just say, this optical compromise was the best thing that ever happened to me! Lennox is absolutely great! I would not wanna miss him ;o).

Lennox - one Character ;o)

"Socially acceptable ;o)"

The first visitors in our new home - and look at Lennox, right in the middle of them! The young guy just manages to get everyones attention, sooner or later. Absolutly social acceptable our leopard! ;o) Never mind how doubtfully the visitors might be at the beginning, after an hour (the latest) Lennox just melts them like ice in the sunlight. This dog is incredible, if people dont like dogs, they will still like Lennox. ;o) Our four-legged friend will only disregard his guests for real important things - like his supper, or the bone afterwards ;o)!What a host... ;o)

On the run! ;o)

"Coursing fun ;o)"

Hugo and Lennox, Lennox and Hugo...whenever they meet, they`ll have a blast! They`ll run and pace from the first til the last minute! From time to time we get the feeling that they just can`t run enough! Those two have energy for 10 dogs - it`s just unbelivable. Three hours together with Hugo would be only comparable with an 8 hour walk without Hugo! :o) Thank god that we live in the same city - sometimes you just gotta be lucky! ;o)

Keen thinker!

"Keen thinker! ;o)"

Lennox can be a little philosopher sometimes :o)! He can put up looks, I tell you - those are not from this world! They can vary from his famous "Vacuumlook", to his "I do not speak your language look". Never mind for what situation, Lennox has the right look for it! ;o) One thing is for sure - our dog is a real TYPE (Bloke would fit him quite well from time to time as well)! ;o)


"Speed ;o)!"

Lennox is a pure lightning ball! He runs and runs and runs and runs - like the famous Duracelrabbit. Just that Lennox has no batteries in his body, therfor he has plenty of drive and spunk! ;o) The freshly fallen snow does the rest... "Snowflash"! The same story every winter ;o)! With snow around our leopard seems to turn into a pinball, left - right, backwards - forwards! And all of it with lightning speed!



Finally! It`s winter! Lennox has gone completely inseane! ;o) This little fellow has a real snowflash attack! Probably it will take til spring, until Lennox will become normal again. The white beauty seems to affect Lennox like any other kind of drug ;o)! And with his fur colour, he carry`s his camouflage suit always right with him. At the moment you cant make Lennox much more happy - then with a long long walk in the snow! Most preferable at the Isar. Because although its freaking cold right now, Lennox still does not mind a swim in the river! What a guy!

Me = innocent

"Stupid Border Terrier!"

Terrier! Who would need a dog like that? Or the better question would be - why do mostly people own a Terrier who are not capable to handle their temperament, energy and all of their other needs?! Last sunday we had the "questionable joy" to meet such a "human-dog" pair! Our walk with Hugo was like usual, lots of fun...good company, until we met these people and their Border Terriers! The Isar River - usually there are walking only sociable well behaved dogs! But not those two! Those people did not even think about calling their dogs back - not even when they saw us coming...! They kept walking towards us completly sign that showed, their dogs are sociable not well behaved. If we would have had a chance to recognise that there would be anything wrong with those dogs, we would have had a chance to react appropriate. But no - they did not like it the simple way! Instead of doing anything sensible, they waited til they have been just a few meters away from us, asking "is any of your dogs a male"? Jesus is my witness, I hate such questions....! "Yes both of them are males"! "Oh no, Oh no - call your dogs back!" be continued!

Pretty boy!

"Stupid Border Terrier! Part 2"

Of course all of the dogs were sniffing each other already! And guess what, our dogs were about to continue their way. Until this complete sensless man decided to give our dogs a little "help" to walk faster, with kicking them with his knee. Obviously that was the sign for his completely inseane dog to start an attack - like "oh yes buddy, we are going to give them hell"! To make it even worse, the guy decided to protect his dogs by lifting up Lennox at his collar, so that our leopard couldnt do much more than watching those Terriers biting his legs and nose!! The "lady" of the house had a brilliant idea as well...she honestly pulled out a pepper spray to "treat" Lennox with it - her luck she changed her mind again, looking at me! God, I was so mad at this people! As the whole fight was over, and Lennox was standing there on three legs, bleeding - this woman had the guts to tell us "we should better watch our dogs"...! EXCUSE ME PLEASE - there are people walking the social wrecks on one of the most frequent dog walking areas in Munich - no leash but a pepperspray as a weapon, and they are telling me I should watch MY dog! Those people have no dog-sense at all - and should not own any dog at all as well - for the sake of all of us!!

I am such a good boy ;o)

"Nerd! ;o)"

Lennox is a real nerd - oh well, sometimes he is! Let`s say, there is some light at the end of the tunnel - at least it seems so. The young fellow can do it - he really can - if he wants to do so ;o)! But at the moment he is in middle of puperty, and he really does not want as much as we would like him to... :) This fact is really driving us nuts sometimes, not really - but nearly! But we hang in there, and training pays off...bit by bit. ;o) Lennox just is a little smart smurf! ;o) For us it just means - keep hanging in there!

Sock thief :)

"Thief of socks! :)"

Digging for gold? Oh well! That has been in the past, socks - that`s Lennox personal treasure! ;o) If there is something that really fascinates Lennox, socks are the real deal for our leopard - never mind if they come freshly out of the washing machine (he prefers them that way, as there is not slobber on them), or if they are just worn and on the way to the washing machine. Lennox is stealing them all! ;o) So it`s quite common that Tom or myself only have one sock instead of a pair of socks. Another reason to go shopping again! Thanks Lennox ;o)!

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