Fast - not furious ;)

"Fast - not furious ;)"

Running, pacing, running! That`s Lennox most favourite thing at the moment! Even more if other dogs are running after him. It does not matter if it`s a Pinscher, poodle or a great Dane! Most important - the other dog likes this "The Fast and the Furious" game as much as Lennox does...without being furious of course! ;o)

Lennox in the sun ;)


This weekend was awesome! 20 Degrees and sunny blue sky! In the middle of november (can you believe it) - we had to make the best out of it. So we went for 6 hour walks, saturday and sunday :o). Lennox had such a blast - playing, swimming and social interacting with other dogs. And us humans, we could enjoy a great evening, with a tired and sleepy dog which dreamed about all the adventures he has been through the whole day! ;o) What a perfect weekend!

Friends ;o)

"Friends ;o)"

Girls, girls, girls! They seem to be allowed to do whatever they like with Lennox - or at least nearly whatever they like ;o)! It does not matter if Lennox comes back with a bloody nose, scratches or any other stuff - Lennox takes it like a real guy! Oh well, the hormons just rule our leopard. Seems he is looking at the world through a curtain. What a big four-legged hormon! ;o)


"Guys! ;o)"

As we are just speaking about "Testosteron" - my two boys just bonded ;o)! Tom and Lennox are a real dreamteam! They play, run and even cuddle (obviously only if they think nobody is looking)! So at the moment there is a 2:1 situation in the house! But that`s not a real problem, as the female charme still does the job for both of them pretty good :o)!



There is nothing better in Lennox life! This boy is a real "toy" himself ;o)! There is no walk without playing with other dogs. It does not matter if female or long as the other male really wants to play, and not to bully Lennox around ;o). Our boy is just a real real dog, without the social interaction with other dogs - he would really not be a happy chappy! That would be a real dogs-life!



Girls, girls, girls! ;o) Besides food and fun, its all about the girls! If Lennox meets a girl, his whole appearance changes, the big boy becomes very little and his tail wag`s with lightning speed. If he keeps going like this, we really have to think about getting him a girlfriend in time ;o)! But til that day there is still a long way to go and til then we are happy enough with the girls we meet on our daily walks!



Oh Lennox would be a great human ;o)! He really knows how to enjoy life, to the fullest ;o)! Just being out and about with his humans is absolutly enough for him to be entirely happy! It makes us so happy to see him being happy ;o)! It`s definately true: "You can live a life without dogs - it`s just not worthwhile"!

Rocksolid !

"Lennox = Rocksolid!"

Our leopard turned into a real rock! This boy weighs about 62 pounds and his shoulder is about 62cm tall. We don`t think he will become much taller, however he will put on more weight for sure! One thing is for sure as well, bodywise he turns into a copy of his father ... his mother is not very visible looking at him ;o)! So far it looks like Lennox will become a real hog-stopper...a pure power package!

Goofy ;o)

"Goofy ;o)"

Oh boy, Lennox is such a clown! He is always up for something ;o)! And it ain`t always something good...! It does not matter if he is stealing socks, towels or underwear - to inspect the shoes of visitors very closely, or if he is stealing bread from the breakfast table... there is not one boring second with Lennox around. But sometimes his sense of humour does not match ours ;o)!

Was guckst du? :)

"What`s up? :)"

Tom prefers to call this look, Lennox "vacuum-look"! And he is so right, sometimes Lennox looks at us as somebody would not be "home" at the moment ;o)! But mind yourself! That`s mostly just a trick! :o) Lennox is a real multitasker, he does not miss anybody or anything. And if he does believe he has to "turn up the volume", then he`ll do it in a splitsecond...and with 1000%. Our youngster - he is still a bluff-package! ;o)

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