Any salmon there? ;)


Lennox would have been a "fab" bear! ;o) It`s a pitty we don`t have any salmons in our lakes and rivers...because I get the feeling Lennox would have been a great fisherman. Even without a net his instincts just work! Who is able to catch a fly with one jump and in one go, to find and catch a mouse on a wide field (and even eat it), wouldn`t surely have a problem catching some fish. Well who knows, we might see it sooner then later. Surely we`ll find out when we are heading up north the next time ;o)! Lennox rocks!

I am such a jumpy friendly thingy ;o)


"Like Master-Like dog"...well if that would be true, I`d be friend with everybody! How do parents say usually..."He surely does not have that from me!" ;o) For Lennox even a simple eye contact which lasts longer then 2 seconds..counts as a "flirt". "Hey Buddy" he seems to think, "wanna play a bit"? Oh my, oh my ...I really hope that this overly friendly behaviour will disappear a bit, or calm down after puperty is over. Otherwise I am going to know half Munich by first name soon - Lennox is already known by half of the city (at least it feels like it) ;o)!

Mousemurderer ;o)

"Murderer of Mice ;o)"

Autumn, the leaves are falling - everywhere you can find freshly cut fields, an Eldorado for Lennox & friends. Wherever you look you can find mouseholes in the ground where Lennox can dig and dig for hours! On top of that, in the mornings there will still be all the scents of the night, including all "nightly visitors" - pure paradise for Lennox! The dogs will even work in teams, on such a morning walk. One is going to dig at the "front entrance", while the others will place themselves at the "Emergency Exits". Surely Lennox turns out to be a real Mousemurderer ;o)!

It`s raining man!

"It`s raining man! ;o)"

Rain, Rain, Rain! There are only little tweaks of sunlight at dusk or dawn ;o)! Lennox does not mind, he enjoys his daily "bath" in the rain. No miracle, water from bottom or top - who cares, its still wet ;o)! Our leopard is mutating into a mudbag nearly every single day. And I am amazed - because somehow he can manage to be absolutely clean by the time we arrive at our house again! I have no idea how he is doing it - but it surely is a handy trait ;)!

I am watching you!

"I am watching you!"

Lennox likes to have to complete "overview"! No matter what`s moving, Humans, Dogs, Cats, or Mice - our leopard is watching it! ;o) Means his humans have to watch and scan their surroundings as well as he does, otherwise it can happen that Lennox decides all by himself to say "Hello" to the "mushroom-collector" in the middle of the woods, running by - or like last week...stealing a huge trout from a fisherman at the Isar! One thing is for sure - Lennox really is a "Social Networker"", even when it means, you have to carry some money to pay for unexpected fish he might carry with him, coming back to us ;o)! Youngster!



There you go - here is our little buffalo again! Lennox really can`t stand it, if one of his playmates is faster then him. Outrunning our little leopard will drive him nuts! He will do everything to get his oponent "back on track" as fast as possible, no matter what it takes ;o). He will jump over things, will make fast turns like a rabbit, and all for one hunt the other dog down ;o). When the job is done, he is on top again, and happy as usual! Nasty little bugger ;o)!

Speedy Gonzales!

"Speedy Gonzales!"

Lennox might behave like a buffalo 85% of the time, but he does not have to be like this. He can turn into a little Speedy Gonzales too! ;o) It does not matter if he is running "just for fun", or if he is on the hunt with some of his friends! At the moment, running is top of the pops for Lennox! It`s so much fun watching him, and we can also watch his muscels grow. ;) Happy little chappy!

See you in a couple of weeks guys !

"3-2-1... Canada!"

"Well, it will be quiet in October! Because "my human" is off to Canada - for a whole month! She is about to visit all two and four-legged Catahoula friends!But don`t you worry, while she is on vaccation, I am on vaccation too! I am going to join a big dog pack - that will be awesome! So take care and have loads of fun, I`ll see you in November! ;o)"

Lennox, nearly 9 month of age

"Back home"

Sunday night at 0.25 am was the moment! Lennox and myself met again! ;) Wohoooo, what a big HELLO! And wow did he grow! Massive head, massive neck, massive paws, Lennox looks just so much more like an adult dog! What four weeks can do ;o)! Regarding the feedback "of the Regensburg pack" Lennox had just so much fun over the whole time, and nearly no fights with other dogs. Just in week Nr.3 there was a new male "hitting" the pack, and Lennox just did not want to accept him. Well, looks like our boy hit puberty. Today we have been for a four hour walk in the woods, and our Leopard is just behaving as always. Scenting, pacing, playing, hunting - a complete normal dog ;)! He hit the 62 pound mark now, and is a package of muscles. Should we ever be in the situation again to place Lennox somewhere for a holiday, Roland and his team will be our first choice again ;o)!

I am the biggest Gorilla in the Dschungel :)

"I - big Gorilla ;)"

Phew, Lennox did grow! Not only bodywise - our young man is in the middle of puberty! His daily challenge seems to be "finding my place in the dog world" ;). His cocky attitude can be so amusing. If a female will cross his path, its all about being really impressive! Meeting males, its all about "who is the biggest gorilla in the jungle". Cocky attitude at it`s purest, or maybe just guys ;)! Just mounting is one thing Lennox won`t tolerate anymore ;)! There will be a small "discussion" - and every dog will continue it`s way. All over all dog-to-dog communication works perfect. Socilisation did work! Just wunderful ;)

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