Lennox 7 month of age

"Lennox, 7 month of age"

Wohoooo! Take a look at our "little" boy ;o). He has grown a bit lately! And he is doing good. We just took part in our first hunting special (an ability test for hunting dogs), and Lennox got the best result possible! Probably even his breeder did not think he would turn out to be such a good dog - otherwise how come he offered us another male when we came to his house to pick Lennox up? Everybody thought Lennox would be to shy to become a good dog...but like Mary always said...40% is genetics, 60% is what you make of it! So even being a little shy when being a puppy - Lennox has turned out to be a concentrated and fearless worker at the bay pen. So, watch out! ;o)

Bubblemaker ;o)

"Bubblemaker ;o)"

Three month ago water has been "eeeeek" for our little leopard. But in the meanwhile it`s not only enough to rumble through the rivers here - no, he discovered diving for himself..he will go and look for sticks, stones or other treasures ;o)! And he will not mind if water is flowing in his eyes, ears or his nose - mind yourself, it will make him even more persistant diving for stuff...maybe he is going to try to "beat the water". There is really some fun ahead of us! Surely he has not to wait for some webs to grow between his toes, they already came with the "package" ;o).

Wir zwei ;o)

"Our team ;o)"

It`s about time for a random "Duo Shot" of Lennox and myself ;o). We are surely not always going in the same direction, but we always cross the finish line together ;o). Over the last couple of month we really have grown into a good team, and although there are some aquard moments (due to teenage behaviour) - we surely would not like to miss each other (at least the human is thinking this way), and our leopard better would not disagree ;o)!

Not impressed

"Not impressed"

If Lennox is really good at one thing - then it`s looking quite all the worlds suffering would lay on his shoulders! Obvioulsy, he only comes up with that look if there is an audience and the chance for some splendid attention! Little show-off! Especially between the elderly people here Lennox will get plenty of attention...which will lead from "oh look he is hungry" (JACKPOT) up to "is the dog blind?". Oh my - sometimes I wish, I would be deaf at those moments ;o))!

Angry little bugger!

"Angry little bugger!"

There you go - Lennox is in puperty! From time to time our younster is mutating into an angry little bugger, a tasmanian devil! Not that "cute" anymore. But as we already knew since the first week we had him - he is a Bluff package. A real stubborn little thing, and how stubborn he can be! I dont even want to imagine in what a kind of dog he would turn when he would not have competent owners who know how to put the boy back in his place and remind him of the pack order with the needed consequence! Surely not more then only two "lost fights" would be needed and Lennox would turn out megalomaniac ;o)! No way! We will definately keep him on track... ;o) No matter how long it will take or how tough it might be. But for all people out there interested in a Catahoula, these dogs are not easy to handle and surely no dogs for a beginner. And without the needed consequence you will end up very quickly as a member of the pack and not the pack leader. That would be no fun, really! Always think twice about getting a Catahoula!

Me waiting for my lil` sis


About time. We met a part of Lennox family! His little sis`. Only 2 outta 5, but hey, it has been a start. Kara and Lennox get along great! If they see each other, they`ll rock the house ;o). Kara is much more agile and fast then our little Buffalo, however IF he will get a hold of her, she has to submit...he is just pure strength. All over all they are still a great team and it was a blast watching them!

If there would be a female in heat - I`d go the whole distance!

"Run, run - female in heat!"

Hormons, Hormons, Hormons...sometimes I think Lennox is nothing more then a Hormon on 4 legs ;o)! No matter if there is a neutered male or a female in soon as he will come across "this specific" smell, he is gone! So it means to be consequent, get a grip, and get the four-legged friend back on track again. But at least, there is some light on the end of the tunnel - sometimes in such a situation Lennox WILL react to a simple callback. Miracels do happen ;o)!

Me in approach - no reason for panic !

"Don`t panic!"

It`s a fact - Lennox does not look as cute anymore, as he did when he was 8 weeks of age. But even he does not look like the lovable pup anymore - he still acts that way! That means, our leopard would like to hug the whole wide world...Very unusual for a Catahoula. Sometimes I think to myself, Lennox is a bit looney ;o)! Some of his unthoughtful "cuddle-attacks" can lead to pure hystery - and til`I got the chance (while getting a hold of Lennox), to explain (avoiding the sentence "he just wants to play"), that Lennox is still a youngster, really just wants to say "Hi" and that he is friendly in any case..the drama is going it`s way. Sometimes I really wish, Lennox would act a little bit more as a grown adult male! ;o)

Funny things can happen during the Oktoberfest ;o)

"The italian Kiss ;)"

It`s Oktoberfest-time in Munich! I`ll tell you, you meet some strange guys round that time of the year! In such situations I can just be happy, that Lennox is the friendly dog he is. Because what happened to us, probably most dogs would not have had the cool to act the way Lennox did. Munich Metro - we met a group of very "happy" italian guys - and thanks to the alcohol they had absolutely no distant feeling about Lennox! Shouting "Que Bello, Que Bello" Lennox was cuddled, squeezed and last but not least - I thought I witnessed some kind of Fata Morgana - kissed on the middle of his head a couple of times! I really felt like Lennox was much more clever than those guys - our Leopard is just "bulletproof" ;o)!

I friend invented a new word for me - JSP :)


Some of you might ask themselves what "JSP" has to mean - and why it`s worth a diary entry...well here comes the story! A friend of mine gave Lennox a new nickname (don`t we women do such things usually?). And in my eyes this nick really suits him perfectly - like a second skin. In Guidos eyes Lennox might be a Leopard - but much more a "JSP" - a "Jagdsamtpfote" ;o) (sorry guys, I just cant translate that one in english)! And right he was - because Lennox surely isn`t a "normal" dog. He is much more some kind of mixture...of Dog-Cat and sometimes even a Mouse! ;o) Thank`s for the hint!

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