About me

Let me tell you a little bit about me.

I was born 36 years ago in Munich / Germany.

My family lived in the west suburbs of Munich and during the week we spent most of the time there ,but luckily I got the spent nearly every weekend at my grandparents farm close to the Ammersee.

To me that was paradise. Since I was little I was very keen on all kinds of animals. I remember driving my grandma nuts,collecting spiders,bugs,worms and whatever I could get a hold of...and building little "houses" for them in the corner of her staircase, and only god knows where else. ;)

I have been the first in the morning up and running into the stables, spending time with the horses and cattle, playing with our dogs or even the chicken. And my family could be sure that I would never be on time for dinner if there was anything else to do around the animals. That has always been my first priority.

Our family always had dogs, I grew up with them. And as we always had high level energetic dogs like Dobermann`s and Ridgeback`s I got used to their temperament and their needs just by living with them. When I was older I started to do all kind`s of dogsports with our dogs, met good and bad trainers and learned a lot.

When my last dog died aged over 13 - which for a Dobermann is really "Methusalem age", it was time to think about a new companion for the family. Don`t get me wrong, I love Dobermann`s but I did not want another one,as to me my girl was the best pick of the litter...and there was the danger that I would start comparing my new dog (if it would have been a Dobermann again) with my old one. That would have been extremly unfair. So it was time for a cut, and a new breed.

Obviously I wanted a dog who would have the same personality treats than the dogs we always breed that would have been highly imbreed over years,and severe damage has been done to their genetics. I was looking for something more "pure" a good working dog and companion. That´s how I came across the Catahoula Leopard Dog.

For nearly two years I had contact with several breeders all over the world, gathered the information needed and finally came to the decision that this breed is the right one for me. Now a new chapter is about to begin, and this website should be the platform to share the information I already got and will get in the future about the Catahoula Leopard Dog.

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"Me again"

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